[2014-02-19] Hanyang University Facebook

Original source: Hanyang University Facebook

Jung Il Woo, Lee Pil Mo, Yang Mira, Jang Keun Suk, Lee Chung Ah, Won Gi Joon, No Hyung Wook
These artists are alumni of the Theatre and Film department graduating tomorrow ^^
Our wishes for their increasing success in the future~

정일우, 이필모, 양미라, 장근석, 이청아, 원기준, 노형욱
바로 내일, 졸업하는 연극영화학과 연예인 동문들 입니다 ^^
앞으로 왕성한 활동 기대할께요~

14 thoughts on “[2014-02-19] Hanyang University Facebook”

      • That’s ‘chukhaheyo’, which means ‘congratulations’ 🙂 ~ among the very basic phrases I’ve learned so far :))

      • Thanks Noona, much appreciated. It is always started w basic first. Keep learning please, semangat!!

        Oot, Hv u heard, It is said that Mr. Jang will come to our country this year, Geunsama told this in person to INA eels. If it is true, u r definitely be one of the happiest ones.

      • Yea I heard it too. Some INA eels have been trying to promote the idea to some promotors, don’t know if it’ll work out or not. But anyway, I’m planning to attend at least one of his shows this year, wherever and whenever possible :). For SE Asian countries, the possibility would be Singapore and Thailand, as he has been there more than once before…

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