Asian Countdown Special Hello Korean Star

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กับรายการAsian Countdown Special Hello Korean Star นะครับ fc ห้ามพลาด!

Ooh, so JKS was taking a pic with the emcee of “Asian Countdown Special Hello Korean Star”.

I thought initially that Jang Keun Suk’ hairstyle above looks like he’s doing a photo-shoot for Lotte DFS. There’s even a miniature puppet of JKS and what looks like a miniature stuffed toy of JKS’ dog, Sunnie …. omo… at least it’s the right colour! It’s so cute! If there really is a miniature stuffed toy version of Sunni, I’d love to get it! Sunni’s becoming as popular as JKS? 🙂

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  1. This hair makes him look so much younger! Is the emcee an chinese actor/celebrity? I have the feeling I’ve seen him somewhere…

    • now that u mention it, yes, younger and more lively, instead of looking tired ….
      my radar goes “?” to your question XD


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