5 thoughts on “[fan-made MV] Jang Keun Suk ZIKZIN TOUR in ZEPP”

  1. Good work! Many thanks to Suni and Tenshi!
    MV captures the entire effort and Keun Suk’s deep feelings throughout the tour.
    I was impressed by his emotional involvement in these concerts.
    At Fukuoka looked pressed by some thoughts and gave me the impression of more sadness.
    At these concerts is becoming more and more very relieved and finally looks like he reconciled with himself, has loaded with energy from eels and wants to send his peace and joy of living.
    Even his outfits during the tour shows moods that has passed.
    In Fukuoka I noticed he had a shirt with the inscription YOUTH IN REVOLT. I liked that shirt. It is a revolt against those who do not accept free spirits and open minds.
    I’m sure Keun Suk will never accept to be chained by preconceptions and limited minds, whatever happens.
    However at the end of the tour looks like they made ​​a decision that took a stone on the heart.
    Dear Keun Suk.
    Fighting! You’re just too valuable and you’re not allowed to surrender !
    All the best and God protect you.

  2. Thank you Suni, this is beautifully done. It has shown the effort of unconditionally love from 3 eels that the Prince should be proud of.


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