[article] Jang Keun Suk finished Zepp tour final that he felt a closer bond with fans

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‘2013 JANG KEUN SUK ZIKZIN LIVE TOUR in ZEPP’ dropped its final curtain on January 30th in Nagoya, which Jang Keun Suk started in October in Fukuoka.
The final of 14 stages, in 5 cities across Japan was Nagoya where he visited for the first time in one and a half year. As soon as his silhouette appeared with the introduction music, a tremendous cheer rose up from the audience.
At the beginning, he sang three songs ‘Take care, my bus!’, ‘Crazy Crazy Crazy’ and ‘Let me cry’ non-stop. That made the audience higher soon. “Nagoya eels~! Long time no see! I’m feeling very high now. My heart is really beating fast. The heartbeat is so laud that I can’t hear my singing through earphones.” Then, he showed his shaking hands to the audience. He seemed not to conceal his excitement facing his final stage.
“At times like this, it’s really hard to control myself. Keeping balance to control my feeling is important. I’m fighting with myself. At the same time, however, I enjoy the nervousness.”
After finishing the ‘Beautiful Man’ shooting in Korea, he spent about a-month-break, making new plans and watching his own tour DVDs and works. Especially when he watched his tour DVD that was held 2 years ago, he found it was totally different from this Zepp tour. In the previous tour, he was particular about producing the stage settings and costumes thoroughly. On the other hand, in Zepp tour, he made the stages interactively, facing his fans and feeling the air. “Even my condition is different from each stage, I have no choice to control it. That’s why I feel alive through Zepp tour and it’s a lot of fun.” When he asked “How your feeling?”, his fans responded with huge cheer. Their such direct exchanges showed how much he enjoyed making the performance with the audience.

He sang 19 songs, most were from his 2nd album ‘Nature Boy’, but he also performed two special edited versions from Team H songs.
Lastly he said, “I have a lot of things I want to do in 2014. I want to realize them one by one. And it’s my goal to be more honest than ever.”
As he finished the tour, Jang Keun Suk reconfirmed bond with his fans. He will continue to go straight to the path he believes in.

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  1. So happy to have this report which writes about what he said during zepp Nagoya day1 which I attended. I enjoyed Zepp a lot, even without understanding what he is saying as it was more interactive and he was so much closer to us eels. There is no script so he is free to express whatever that comes to his mind and have conversation with us like a friend gathering 🙂

  2. otoke..to be more honest..ahahaha :)), sukiee..we know you love your fans, and you have to know we love you more!!! 😀 i wish i can call asia prince > uri brother Cool KunSuk 😛 he is totally cool! 😀

      • yeahhhhh…who is the lucky girl, cmon…tell us sukie, be honest haaha 😀 dont make eels your soulmate forever yeah, promis us you should find your special soulmate, the one who give you a world and happiness ^^

  3. There are beyond words that I could express when I saw him in Zepp Osaka. I wish I could attend his concert/event as much as I can in this year 2014. Let’s walk together with Suk, eel sisters :).

  4. Many things to do in 2014? sounds good! that means, he’s not going to the army this year.

    Dear JKS. Honesty is one of your most beautiful qualities. Don´t worry about it. You´re already an open book. you´ll show us more?. I wonder in what order? I´ll suffer if you get hurt. I don´t think you can be more honest. You are now transparent and at the same time so colorfull. However we can see your true colors and that´s why we love you. Anyway zikzin! we are proud of you!

  5. I wonder what he means but, whatever he has planned in 2014 I can’t wait to see what’s in store….. I’m so excited! And the best part of being an eel is that you can never figure out he’s gonna do next. I love it! #FIGHTING

  6. Keun Suk ah! As eels we all love you for your honesty, but sometimes I am secretly wishing that you would not be that honest! You could have easily avoided a lot of drama without being so direct and spontaneous. I truly wish you a fruitful year ahead!

  7. O my…Sukkie had a blast of time…I’m so happy he enjoyed his special concerts..He is a people person..He loves interaction with everybody around him and he sees no difference …
    How I wish I could attend one of his shows…if only once in my lifetime..
    I have great hope since he said he their are so many things he plan to do…He promise 2 albums…whoehoe..

    Mayday from Taiwan is having a concert here and my hubby asked me if I wanne go…
    I said no..only if it’s Jang Keun Suk or Team H I would buy tickets for all their shows…LOL

    Sukkie you don’t have to be more honest with us eels..sometimes it is good to be a tiny bit mysterious or secretive..hahaha…
    We will love you no matter..

  8. My dear Keun Suk . Honesty is the queen of the qualities unprofitable … so …
    It is important to be honest with yourself and act with yourself as you are with your best friend .
    To achieve all your goals you must take good care of yourself, your health and your soul .
    You bring joy to many people. Respect and admiration for all that you do . Concerts in front of your beloved eels are your life and your source of energy.
    Your future is waiting for you with open arms. Do not hesitate to go on a straight road that you ‘ve chosen .
    Even if you need to overcome many obstacles , you are able to go through this path with your head up .
    You’re not the man who bows his head in face of adversity .
    As long as you put soul into everything you do and many passion, the results are as expected, although there will be some who will not admit the truth.
    I wish for you good health and all the best.

  9. Omg just reading this article made my heart pound fast and felt the excitement that night. Oh how I wish I was there to experience that. And be able go to one of your concerts my Prince of Asia!!!! So happy for you!!!! Stay healthy and happy always…zikzin!!!

  10. Nervousness, stage fright, excited to meet his eels, these feelings make my Prince such a lively loving person. It is like he is meeting his first love at every stage. Good for you my Prince. I really love this attitude. He will be the most exciting lover of us, international eels, forever.

  11. i read an old article, yonna said “He is someone who values friendships and is very sentimental too. He has a strong passion towards work…ect..”
    what does mean “very sentimental..” is, is sentimental similar with sensitive emotions,aw uri brother keun chan.. i hope you can reach your happiness soon! 🙂

    • He is such a sentimental sweetheart :). People often misunderstand him for being arrogant and rude because he is frank in saying his thought out loud, but when you actually ‘get to know’ him, he has such a soft & caring heart… sentimental, he is :)! Somehow I think there is a part of ‘Seo In Ha’ in him, too… kekekeke…

  12. Thanks for sharing this, sis Tenshi! His Zepp tour has successfully concluded! wow… congrats Keun Suk-ah and all eel sisters who managed to attend :). I guess now it’s a very good time for him to take a well-deserved break, especially since yesterday was a Lunar New Year celebration… I hope he’s been having quality time with Papa & Mama Jang as well as his friends. Can’t wait for his next projects & concert schedules! I hope I can make it to at least one of his shows this year if he happens to have one in South East Asian regions :).

  13. When I read FAs like this on what JKS’ relates to the audience, it seems that he gets the energy on stage from the love of his fans and from his passion to give his fans the best performance always.. It must have been a thrilling experience for him to feel that way, nervous and excited at the same time and in a good way..
    Love the last part “He will continue to go straight to the path he believes in.”
    직진 장근석씨!!

  14. as one of your eels her in the philippines im truly proud of you.. you never let us down
    after shooting the pretty man.. you have the time to rest.. but u chose to go to japan
    and give your fans one of the amazing concert… wow a true prince you really are.. u give your eels more love and never to regret to worship you… and i am very proud that i become your eels.. we love you, i love you.. god bless u always.. mwah mwah mwah..


  15. Thanx everyone for sharing..eventhough i cant never to be there..and it impossible for me to be there but still can follow my sukkie from all of u like this..i’m very happy.Wish my asia prince good luck forever.I ‘m always love him so much.Cant wait for his new drama.Sukkie..fighting!!!


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