5 thoughts on “Autographed message from JKS to Japanese eels”

  1. aphrael77, you sure have done a great job for coming with up with this blog to share with Sukkie’s fans and now besides viewing, I can’t resist to join in ^_^ me & my buddy number1eels are going to be regular here, thanks for putting so much effort to keep us informed of Sukkie’s latest news! hope we can help to contribute too, cheers!!!

    • 🙂 I’m always on the lookout for Sukkie news, so if you all have any news to share with us, it’ll be great!

      if you are keen to join in the sharing, I can email you my Facebook link so that we can keep in contact on FB.
      Would that be fine?

      • Sure, hope to share some of the vids of Sukkie created by eel fans which are really creative…for news, so far I think you always manages to have better sources & really amazes me with your translation skill ^_^

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