9 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS appeard as a special guest at Kim Jaejoong concert (birthday)_20140126”

  1. two beautiful boys :). it’s good to know that they have maintained such a sweet friendship. entertainment world as we have known it by now can be really cruel and cold. it’s always good to have friends who share similar experiences and feelings.

  2. Wow…this is surely a rare occasion.
    I can’t remember JKS did this before showing a friend support this way, mingling with their fans; mostly it’s only a video greeting of some sort
    Wonder if he was invited by his friend or his own spontaneous action
    This is a powerful message too, they are not of the same company and have nothing to gain from each other…just good friends
    I hope to see some footage from this momentum

  3. I am very happy to know that suk have a real friend in showbiz, since in my own persfective that when it comes of showbiz its really hard to find a good and trusted friend, honestly I heard a lot bad comments in some jj fans , some of them doesn’t like our suk and it hurted me so much but I never say anything back for them , I don’t care what they said about suk all matter most to me is how suk happy to be jj friends, hope they’re friendship will last forever cause they both deserve to be a best friend 🙂

    • Don’t worry. Seeing their closeness and hearing both words from Jaejoong and Sukkie, many Jaejoong’s fans thanked Sukkie for being with him when JJ is lonely or sad. They now understand why they have become so close. I’m happy to hear their words ^^

  4. I want to share some words shared on twitter by Jaejoong’s fans who attended the concert.

    JKS: I can’t help Jaejoong, but at least we can share our loneliness…

    *tenshi_akuma’s note: Jaejoong is a big brother to JKS. JKS is not arrogant to say he can help Jaejoong, but for JKS, Jaejoong is a very precious friend who’s also working in entertainment world. JKS wants to be one of his friends who can understand him… I really love JKS’ words. That made Jaejoong’s fans understand why Jaejoong has become close to JKS. They were moved so much, too.

    JJ: I love JKS’ free man spirits.

    *tenshi_akuma’s note: I really understands this Jaejoong’s words. Because when I heard Jaejoong spoke about JKS at his concert directly, he seemed he really admires it. Even JKS is younger than him, he respects JKS for sure.

    JJ: Thanks to Keun Suk, my cramped feeling in life has become easier to live. I’ve come to feel that it’s OK to live more freely. I’ve learned a lot from Suk, how to have fun on stage or how to act. Suk is really a talented artist. I’m proud of him.

    • I’m so proud of Sukkie, despite always so busy he’s there for a friend…just be his companion
      He knows it’s very hard for an other artist to be associated with him…but if you need someone to and will understand your pig situation than it is mr Jang Keun Suk
      Both will be resented by lot of people..some of those maybe admire them but don’t dare to speak up
      But JKS and JJ are both strong man..they have found each other and hopefully this gives them enough energy to ZIKZIN
      If mr Pryme is the “matchmaker” …good of him..bringing some joy in the lonely hearts of such wonderful artists who makes millions of fans happy everyday

  5. Jaejoong and Sukkie have known each other for a long time, but all of a sudden, they became very close. I think partly because of Mr. Phryme. That’s why some of JJ fans were surprised to know the fact before, but today they’ll know the reason. They thanked Sukkie for being with JaeJoong when he’s sad or lonely. Because fans can’t help him in such situations directly. Having a close friend in showbiz is very hard, but fortunately they found each other! 🙂

  6. Not only a close friend but also a neigbour. Jae Joong always looks sad hut our Prince always looks cheerful. It is so nice to see them enjoying themselves with JJ’s fans.


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