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Finally~~ I met Cha Eun-sang (It’s the name of Park Shin Hye played in drama ‘Heirs’).. huhuhu.. with this guy, my longtime little brother <<< Even both of them had to take a lot of shootings and it must have been really troublesome~~ I really appreciate their earnest labors!!!
드뎌~~~ 차은상을 만나다..ㅎㅎㅎ.나의 오랜 동생 이분도함께<<< 두분다 컷수도 많은데 고생많았수~~ 열심히 해줘 고맙고!!!

25 thoughts on “[24.01.2014] @zosun_hi twitter”

  1. Seems Eun Sang is more happy to meet mate..such smiling face have not seen it in heirs.. :p lol
    I think JKS is the one PSH has the most chemisty with… ( don’t shoot me but she radiats when she sees JKS)

    • She’s a famous korean photographer..a good buddy of suk too.i wonder what cf they shoot this time..would be great with suk’s short hairstyle.

  2. Not unusual that Shin Hye radiates when she’s with Keun Suk. Who wouldn’t LOVE and Oppa like him? Charming, playful yet at the same time considerate and warm? Light years better and more fun than Lee Min Ho, Min Lee Ho, or whoever that name is!

  3. wow at last they are doing a cf together again. They are really a perfect couple for me!I’m looking forward for more project to them together this year..YB2 please!!!


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