[article] Jang Keun Suk Keeps Promise to Dance on The Great Wall, Also Reveal the Secret of Losing Weight

Original Source: Sina Entertainment
English Translation by: Springsuk_USA

Jang Keunsuk was interviewed on Jan 20 at Gangnam Gu, he revealed some personal things.
When was asked if he cares for Anti fans, Jang Keunsuk answered: I don’t hate them, but I will not just separate as like or dislike. I think this way: (They) are different from me. I can’t ignore most people’s opinion, so I do care. I think my responsibility is to find out “What they like and what they want from me.”

Regarding “holding events for fans”, Jang Keunsuk said: “I promised that once my followers on weibo is over 10 million, I will dance on the Great Wall, now is already over 16 million. Next month (February) I will go to China, I will keep my promise to dance on the Great Wall.”

When asked: “What do you think the shortcoming of yourself?” Jang Keunsuk said: “I have many things on me is not perfect. But I will not take the appearance as the first option. In “Bel Ami (Beautiful Man)” even I think that good looking is also important, but I think the most important is to keep fit and body management.”

Jang Keunsuk continue said: “Plan A for losing weight is do not eat anything but only drink soju for 5 days. In this case, you will lose water in your body and get slim. Even this is very un-healthy way, but it can help you lose weight in a short time. Plan B is diet. I don’t like to do exercises, I only go to body trainer if the condition is worse.”

During the interview Jang Keunsuk has mentioned his friends in show business: Kim JaeJoon from JYJ, Ji Sung, Kim Heechul from Super Junior, Yong Jun Hyung from BEAST, Mithra Jin and Lee Hongki from FTIsland.

Jang Keunsuk said: I have good relationship with the actors I have worked with before” Such as Yoona and Park Shin Hey. I just talked to Park Shin Hey on the phone yesterday. We will shoot a CF in China soon.”

Jang Keunsuk praised Park Shin Hey: I have worked with Park Shin Hey for CF 3 times already, I always recommend her to others. She is hard worker and really good. I hope she gets success. The two were worked together in 2009 SBS drama “You’re Beautiful” Jang Keun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung and Park Shin Hey as Go Mi Nam. The drama was very popular.

And, Jang Keunsuk just finished shooting KBS2 drama “Bel Ami (Beautiful Man)” he is now taking time off but already in discussing for next project.

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  1. My mood swing from bottom to top hearing so many beautiful news from JKS today. Really happy. Suk is a man with dignity that keeps his promise. And the best news is that he will be working on a commercial with Park Shin Hye.

  2. Awesome, Sukkie is going to China soon. Very interesting, he will partner in CF with PSH again!! Sukkie, Good luck and most success with your NEW CFs. PSH, too..good luck!!

    Keun-Suk-sshi….thank you soo much for keeping your promise to dance on Great Wall.

    Even though in my opinion, dancing on great wall is not really important event….but the most important thing is….fulling your promise to your fans.

  3. Sukkie dear you are such a comedian drinking only Soju for 5 days?! Mama Jang would be hysterical if she finds this out! kkk! Please remember that good health is still your best wealth! And you are perfect and beautiful in your physical appearance just the way you are!

    • Sukkie is sooooo witty funny with answering some of the press’ questions…LOLL

      I thought Alcohol make people gain weights INSTEAD of losing weights….kekekeke

  4. Yes, Sukie.. Zikzin all the way!
    Glad 2 hear u hv new projects & CF soon.
    Pls don’t loose too much weight….u r not fat!
    Eat well but less!
    Wish you good health and good luck!

  5. No wonder he needs the hangover cure after 5 days on the soju diet! I love his loyalty and positive attitude towards his friends. He seems like a person of genuine integrity with a funny and naughty boy inside! You can’t help but love him! Can’t wait to see what he wears when dancing in the Great Wall!

  6. And if Park Shin Hye will go with him in the Great Wall, she must really be someone special to him, a dear close friend. She’s with him in that momentous Tokyo Dome. So we’ll see! I would love to see them in another drama or movie.

  7. Ahhh… 2014 is gonna be an exciting year with the Prince :)! good to know that he has good friends who have been with him all these years, including his former work partners such as Yoona and PSH. It’s indeed very good to work with people you are comfortable with, so I believe that the CF he’ll do with PSH will turn out very well later :). Good/ best friends should support each other :). I’m proud of JKS and also PSH.

  8. nice article thanks for sharing.chinese are very lucky….they are going to enjoy sukkies dance….ur a nice human being…saranghae

    • Out of the You’re Beautiful cast, Sukkie has always been closer to Hong Ki and Shin Hye. He has a good relationship with Yong Hwa but i dont think they are close to the point of hanging out outside work. Hong Ki and him are really close as they belong to Chocoball group while he has known Shin Hye for a really long time.

  9. yeah….Sukkie is gonna dance on the Great Wall…finally the long wait is over..the chinese eels must be ecstatic, I know I am..
    Wondering how the performance will be; public or private with a video to share.. kekeke
    Because if eels would know I’m sure it will turn out to be a eelrathon..But thinking about the concert and how they had to leave after the show..I’m afraid it will be very restricted

    NO..Sukkie no soju dieet…will only cultivate your sweet ponyo belly.LOL

    Sukkie has a lot in his sleeves this year, can’t wait for him to show us his moves

  10. I would love to see him dancing the gavotte, wearing an apricot scarf as in the song “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon. I really think that it is the sweetest song a woman could ever confess to a man she loves. I wonder whether the Prince has ever listened to it. Can’t wait to see what kind of dance he would create for the Great Wall Show!!! Cheers to the AP moving to the WP soon.

  11. Why is this sentence: “I always recommend her to others.” Write on another website: ” I always recommend Park Shin Hye as my partner.” ? Please tell us which one is correct?

    • Dear Sara, I think what he said means ” I always recommend her for other commercial film (cf) productions.” He probably said this to praise PSH for her hard working.

  12. See, finally Sukkie admitted that Yoona is his good friend!(The Chinese translation said they are pretty goood friends.) I don’t think he likes actor Lee Sheung Kee dating Yoona. He and Yoona make a pretty couple,right? Sukkie should date Yoona instead! Anyone agree with me?

    • yeah agree ms breenda. i really love them in love rain. i’ve watched love rain almost everyday and countless times already. it is my past time at home. and i really feel their love deep within and their kissing scenes are so true. JKS is very handsome in Pretty Man. my past time during lunch break is Pretty Man. really love his looks in short hair..

    • it secure to say that Yoona his good friend too, cause Yoona date LSG already. But PSH? He had been mentioning her again and again and again for five years. Can’t you see the difference?

  13. So happy that Sukkie is going to have a CF with PSH. I wish they will be in another drama again. I know Sukkie is a man of his word. Can’t wait to see that dance on the Great Wall. Zikzin Sukkie!!! Can’t wait for your next project.

  14. I appreciate that he respect the opinions of others, whether they are for or against.
    He is a man who thinks deeply and should not be judged by appearances. It also has a pronounced sense of humor and I noticed he likes to confuse the interlocutors.
    Given the antecedents, we will see him dancing on the Great Wall.
    It praised his attitude towards friends, loyal and free of envy. Looks like a friend you can count on.
    I’m glad he started the year in strength and full of confidence and hope that 2014 will be a year of accomplishments for him …. and I’d like to see him more often along with Park Shin Hye in joint projects or outside work.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. So lucky Chinese Eels. You will see him dancing in Great Wall! Looking forward for his new CF with PSH. Hope he can also have CF with Yoona, IU and Stephanie. Hopefully his next drama will be this year and not on 2015.

  16. Hi, you are lovely as you are, nobody is perfect. You have so many talents, embrace all the positive energies around you. I wish all the happiness in the world. Please promote, peace, love & environmental friendly. Tess xx


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