[instagram] Chayeryun’s Instagram 6 weeks ago

Original source: Chayeryun’s Instagram
Credit: Chinese translation from JKSLAND weibo
English translation: Springsuk_USA

Came to shooting site to visit my 10 years good buddy Keunsuk! We chatted happily, it has been long time. He is a man more beautiful than me!
촬영장 놀러와준 10년지기근삼이!오랜만에 수다 즐겁다.
Note: Actress Chayeryun and Jang Keunsuk stared in 2008 Movie “Do Ri Me Fa So La Ti Do
Here is the English subbed (full) movie link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YLETQbZDVY

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  1. I love that movie I was so excited to see it sold at korea town plaza mall in ktown. I immediately bought the dvd without reading the box. When I got home and played the dvd it didnt have English subs, it had Korean subs. Isn’t that odd? But I was still happy I was able to watch Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. I was able to get ths summary of the movie but I watched it online with English subs lol! Anyways I’m just happy that I own one of Sukkie’s movies.

  2. They’ve been friends for 10 years?? So even before they collaborated in the movie, they knew each other.. Nice to hear that Sukkie’s has long lasting friendship with peaps in the ent. industry.. Such a charming guy.. I want to be his friend also.. hahaha.. in my dreams!!

  3. Did she visit the BM shooting site? very nice of her :)! the teenage couple in “Doremifasolatido” has turned into beautiful lady & handsome man 🙂

  4. OMG! I did not recognized her.. She looks different here than what she looks like during doremifasolatido days.. But anyhow, i love that movie! That was the first time i saw JKS and from then on i became an eel! A drama or a movie with them together would be great!

  5. Such old friendship…very good…Sukkie needs friends..I like her
    I like that movie too…esp the part on the rooftop their first seeing each other after the amusementpark incident…that was so funny…and their first kiss hihi

    btw wonder if she maybe the actress he had feelings for during filming but did not confess?
    Not to gossip but just wondering?
    friendship is better I think on the long run..esp if you don’t know if feelings will stay the same after the project…

  6. Our Prince is such a loving person. I believe he has more than 20 millions fans including committed eels not only because of his look but his affectionate personality. I can understand why he has so many friends who want to support him, not only friends who are the opposite sex but his male friends as well. Chayeryun plays many second or third lead roles. At the moment she plays a role in Golden Rainbow together with Jang Il Woo another good friend of the Prince and UEE who played the second female lead role in YAB.

  7. “Do Ri Me Fa So La Ti Do” is the second film with JKS that I saw after Budapest Diary. He went to my heart. A sensitive and delicate love story, which fortunately ended well. Both were so nice and JKS simply impressed me.
    I notice that lately many friends are with him and he became more confident and full of life.
    However, after the Beautiful Man I’ve read many reviews where people who wrote said that though not are JKS fans should recognize his talent and the fact that they were confused by the presentation made ​​before the start of broadcasting.
    We will be with our Star, we will support him, we trust his choices and we want what is the best for him.


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