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Finally after an absence of 1 year

English translation: tenshi_akuma
Title: Angel’s castle
I swear I won’t run away from eternal enchantment [or an unbreakable spell].
So please… I beg you to stay by my side forever.

曲名: 天使の城
tenshi_akuma’s note: This unreleased new song‘Angel’s castle’ will be released as a special CD with ‘Re: -Picture Label LP Limited BOX-‘. You can read the detail about it from here. And I don’t know which is better to translate the lyrics ’解けない魔法’, eternal enchantment or an unbreakable spell? I need the whole lyrics to know what it is meant.

I love makichan!!

tenshi_akuma’s note: He posted this video. You can read the text translation from here.

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  1. Awwww…..such sad sweet song!! Only about 30 seconds already make us eels hooked and trapped in your Castle.

    Keun Suk- I promise, I will never leave you. Yeapp….Let’s walk together until the end!!!

    Sis Kaori Chan, thank you for translating this. I love both versions of the “eternal enchantment or an unbreakable spell”. Eternal Enchantment are powerful romantic words..and unbreakable spell are so magical romantic words.

    • Wonder if this one turns out to be sad or happy song…
      for it can mean a vow (to us eels? hahaha) or a sad leaving behind but can’t get lose song
      Will patiently to find out..Our Tenshi will get to it the soonest she get’s her hands on the full lyrics..

  2. Suk-ah, you don’t have to beg. I will never leave you, in good times or bad times 🙂
    I hope the full version song will be released soon… only 34 seconds but it stole my heart already 🙂

  3. Each of us is a castle of angels.
    Imagine that you are a beautiful castle, with long corridors and thousands of rooms. Every room in the castle is perfect and has a special gift. You ago taken with love every room which is unique. The castle is full of light, love and wonder. Many of us have locked over time more rooms. We find the key to our uniqueness, only when open all the rooms of the castle.
    Jang Keun Suk is a castle with all the rooms open . He is unique.
    Whatever the circumstances, good or bad, I can not leave something unique. Not in this lifetime.

  4. Awww what a beautiful song sukkie I promise you I will always be by your side even you already have grandchildren I will never leave you


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