[Video] JKS comments about Makimura-san (Japanese bodyguard)_20140113

Credits: JForestSui
English translation: tenshi_akuma

A star testified about how Mr. Makimura is special as a bodyguard! Jang Keun Suk started his talk with saying, “I will do anything for Makimura-san. Every time a lot of fans welcome me at airport. The most important thing is to keep safe, I think. I’ve been working with him for about 5 years. Whenever I visit Japan from Korea, I’m always feeling safe and can take time for my greeting fans.” Mr. Makimura added, “I’m always trying to make a warm and welcoming atmosphere to give stars such an impression when they land on Japan. I hope to impress them how Japan and Japanese are great.”

7 thoughts on “[Video] JKS comments about Makimura-san (Japanese bodyguard)_20140113”

  1. Sukkie loves Makimura San…he trust in him..so great he gets to make him a huge compliment on TV…ZIKZIN Makimura San….a lot of artists love you..you are a good representative for your country

  2. wow.. first time I hear an artiste complimenting his bodyguard ^_^ Thanks for Makimura san for protecting Suk all this while when he is in Japan.. he is in good hands…
    I still remember the vid of Makimura san sweating at the tennis court under hot sun with his suit but smiling away still when guarding Suk at the tennis court in Tokyo in 2012.. when Suk invited eels to play tennis with him…

    • QQ thanks for sharing the vids. Enjoying watching our suk so much that i forgot my purpose is to check out sweaty makimura san.

  3. I think it’s a real blessing to have such a guardian angel in whose hands to leave your life.
    I noticed that our Sukkie behaves very respectful and very polite to people he it interferes.
    Respect for Makimura san and much love to our Sukkie.

  4. I love Makimura San too! You would think that a bodyguard may sometimes get proud because they get to rub shoulders with artists and can assume a sense of ‘authority & superiority’ over people because of the nature of their job. But Maki San in really so humble, down to earth, passionate in his job, dutiful and of best thing that happens is he loves Sukkie as much as eels do too!!! T.T

  5. tears in my eyes for this kind-hearted man who can appreciate all the efforts of the people surrounding him! thank you for sharing this! ^^


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