15 thoughts on “[fan-art] Summary of each episode of‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’”

  1. Wahahaha…..Love all the pictures!!! Sooo CUTE and funny!!! I am laughing and smiling crazy seeing and reading messages in the pictures.

    These are the lessons learned from these pictures (or this drama).

    Pic #1 – Super CUTE, both the car and the man….kkkk If no body sponsor you with thing, you just have to use your own.

    Pic #2 – Everyone has own agendas and motives. Human’s thoughts and emotions are soooo complex..!! Sometimes, one can not even read one own mind…LOLL

    Pic #3 – DoKgo Mate is a work of ART…JKS is a miracle Artist! MaTe is eating meats from Botongie. (JKS wants to shows hidden “thank you fans” by eating food of love from fans around the world..!!!)

    Pic #4 – Laughing in tears can by the BEST remedies for sorrowful and stressful souls.

    Pic #5 – Never judge a person by his/her looks. Never judge the Book by its cover..!!!

    Pic #6 – You have met many people and called them friends, but you just need the wisdom to be able to judge for yourself who are your REAL friends.

    Pic #7 – The NO or Yes crack me up……totally THEM, the characters.

    Pic #8 – Timing is every thing.!! Every things happen for reasons..!!!!

    Pic #9 – “Life is a choice”. Just lead one life on your own chosen. Even it’s not a wise choice, but you will learn from that painful experiences.

    Pic #10 – Everyone has different TASTES and opinions of viewing things.! Thing seems Worst to someone, at the same time it is Better for another!! If people can’t learn to respect one another opinions and learn to agree to disagree……then there will never be ending arguments or fights.

    Pic #11 – Love is feeling protective ans safe..!!

    Pic #12 – Equal Justice only exists in the book. In REAL life..doing justice what make one feel right and proud…and no regret..!!!

    Pic #13 – ROFLL…no mater how old or matured you are, there are times when you would ACT foolishness…..LOLLL

    Pic #14 – Why keep on searching faraway for love?? Sometimes, your love one is so near to you whom you tend to take for granted and overlooked.

    Pic #15 – You don’t have choice to choose your birth mother. Good or bad, she is still your mother..!!! Forgiving is loving….!!!!

    Pic #16 – Everyone is learning from everyone on the daily basis, to grow as a person!!! Everyone has Good and BAD sides. No body is PERFECT..!!!!

    Beautiful Man…ZikZin to the World!!!

  2. These are so well-drawn and cool!!! Have yet to read the manhwa, I guess they look different from the original manhwa but they look like they are drawn by a pro!!! I was LMAOing when I saw the caricature on the hand lotion scene, kkk


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