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It’s been 3 months since I had my hair cut, but why I’m still feeling awkward..? Finally ‘Beautiful Man’ finished. But, hey staff, our party after the completion has not finished yet. kk
머리 자른지 3개월이 지났는데 아직도 왜이렇게 어색하냐..예쁜남자는 드디어 끝났네. 텝들아 우리의 쫑파티는 아직 끝나지 않았다 ㅋㅋ

I found a new job.. Octopus Jang kk
새로운 직업을 찾았다.. 장타코 ㅋㅋ.


Hey, you psychopath, prepare yourself. Find a lawyer. Because I’ve already obtained evidence. You just wait ^^
야이 싸이코페스 정신병자야 적당히 하라고.넌 변호사 써서 증거잡고 있으니까 딱 기다려^^

Finally ‘Beautiful Man’ finished~
On the last shooting day, even after we finished shooting the final scene, I remember all the staff didn’t leave there and wandered around aimlessly because of the lingering farewell.. So did I.. Thank you and I miss you!

그근 그러하고 예쁜남자 드디어 끝~
마지막촬영날 전체스텝이 마지막씬까지 다 찍었는데 헤어지기 아쉬워서 어슬렁어슬렁 했던 기억이.. 나 역시 어슬렁어슬렁.. 수고했어용 그리고 보고싶다!

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  1. Omy….he wasn’t cold…the rest of the staff had there wintercoats on and our Mate was with his beachslippers hahaha
    Sukkie can easily open a small restaurant just like in the drama..
    If he would do that guess there will be lines outside all day

  2. I noticed that between him and those who work is created beautiful connections. He is very serious about his work and treated with professionalism and respect the whole team. No wonder they have endured the cold to take pictures with him. Congratulations to all! They did a wonderful job!
    As for hair, I hope to let it grow back. Long hair symbolized since the period Celtic power and freedom.
    He is gorgeous with short hair but long hair always gave him a special charm. People should not have to judge it by the length of hair, especially after the performance achieved recently with Beautiful Man.
    In my country it says: “No matter how long your hair is, it matters how much and in what way you think.”

  3. Well Prince, you are not Samson. Short hair makes you look young. You are innovative, why don’t you try the punks style, kkkkk. Anyway, you are such a sweet and passionate person.
    Btw, what are the differences in the behaviors of a stalker and a follower? Did she threaten him? In which manner? Is she sick?


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