[article] [Yesterday TV] ‘The Pretty Man’ Jang Keun Suk, The growing story of a smart 27 year old actor

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[OSEN=Oh Minhee]KBS 2TV ‘The Pretty Man’ that airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays ended happily. ‘The Pretty Man’ got the attention with the meeting of Jang Keun Suk and IU, but even with the serious acting from the cast members, the drama left a sad record in terms of the viewing rate. However, even with the poor achievement, the charms of a smart 27 year old actor Jang Keun Suk were not hidden.

The last episode of ‘The Pretty Man’ that aired on January 9th ended with a sweet kissing scene of Dokgo Ma Te (Jang Keun Suk) and Kim Bo Tong (IU). Even with the threat from Ma Te’s real mother Na Hong Ran (Kim Bo Yeon), they have kept their love and had a happy ending. Ma Te got rid of bad emotions by getting into good terms with Na Hong Ran. Then, he started a small rib restaurant and started to live his own life, even if it might be small.

Until now, ‘The Pretty Man’ showed the process of Dokgo Ma Te (Jang Keun Suk), who has the looks that is of the national treasure level and has a devilish personality, finding the real love in the end while stealing the minds of top 1% women in Korea. Ma Te’s story of growth, which began when he met Hong Yoo Ra (Han Chae Young), was diverse and interesting.

Dokgo Ma Te, who is arrogant with strong faith in his looks, met Jack Hee (So Yoo Jin) and learned the value of money and learned how to control the minds of people when he met manipulator Elec lady (Kim Ye Won). From the queen of human relationships Kim In Joong (Cha Hyun Jung), he learned how to build human relationships and from an advanced woman Myo Mi (Park Ji Yoon), he learned an insight that can read the trend in advance.

Gwi Ji (Kim Bora), who has strong support, made Ma Te realize that utilizing the natural born talent is a way to be successful. A woman with power Lee Gum (Jeong Sun Kyung) taught him that having justice is having the most power. Yeomim (Kim Min Joo), a woman who has knowledge, taught him an ironic reality that the truth might be different from the dramatized information along with the fact that the information means power.

Jang Keun Suk himself was Dokgo Ma Te. He matured along with the story. He worked naturally with actresses who shows up in an order and showed different sides every time. The male main character Dokgo Ma Te is a figure that lives the world with a confidence that originated from his looks and with somewhat mean personality. He is the character that might can give negative impression but with the speech of pretending as if all this is nothing and with various facial expressions, he meets various successful women and portrayed in a heartwarming way the male main character who changes.

Especially, by perfectly pulling off acting out the side that is full of ‘clumsiness’ going around everywhere to grab the minds of women, crying out in shock when finding out the secret of the birth and to the part where he cries in sorrow when preparing for a break-up with a woman whom he loves, Jang Keun Suk lived up to the value of his name. The skills and experience he has been developing since he was little came out all at once.

He is not that old but is a smart and charming actor with various sides. The poor achievement of the drama is too bad, but in terms of acting, he is no doubt an actor who can be trusted.

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18 thoughts on “[article] [Yesterday TV] ‘The Pretty Man’ Jang Keun Suk, The growing story of a smart 27 year old actor”

  1. Bad rating in Korea doesn’t mean anything for the international viewers!
    Let’s see how many countries will buy the drama and what will happen in the Internet. There will be many thousands of people, who will download or watch online the drama – it will be discussed and mentioned many times. Jang Geun Suk, you did the best choice!

  2. don’t worry for poor ratings.just you are showed your best level of acting and ur praised by all the people from different countries so don’t worry prince.we international eels all over the world will support u always……keep going….love u always

  3. I truly agree with this article… He’s one of the great Korean Actor that I truly admire not only because I am his Eel but a lot of people can testify for this… He truly deserve an acting award in this drama. I don’t really care anymore whether the ratings of this drama is very low as long as it will remain to all the viewers how great this drama and the acting of our Prince as well as all the cast, writer and crew… I enjoyed watching the whole episode and I will take some time to repeat this from the start to finish… Thanks for sharing sis Tenshi…

  4. omg ep 16 was amazing i loved it so much IU is such a good actress and made me cry a river , she will have a great career as an actress that is for sure , and my god jang geun suk you are amazing , i cried my eyes out where he was talking to his mother , and loved the fact that botong didn’t stop loving mate for over ten years even with such sweet character as david who loves her . it was an amazing drama i enjoyed each ep and i’m so happy i watched it , and i highly suggest it 🙂 but i was hoping for a deep kiss and not just another kdrama kiss , but it was really sweet , good luck jgs and iu i hope the best for you both 🙂

  5. i still can’t believe that was the end of weekly MaTe! +_+ i have never doubted Sukkie and his acting skills but he has surprised me even more with depth in this drama! i loved him more in each ep! great work also from all the other actors and staff! thank you KBS for this drama!
    Sukkie please do more drama!! and pls promote BM here in the Phils. We will wait for you and support you the best way we can! ❤

  6. I love this drama!!!!!! why the ending is so fast btw I like the kissing scene, it show more romantic than any another kissing scenes that JKS usually do with his partner in his drama :)) * I watched all his dramas and almost his movies* . I like you both as couple, so cute… success for JKS and IU. Wait for your upcoming drama :)

    btw is there any his fans from indonesia, I’m not young enough, but I still want to watch him perform his song (especially the ballad ones), so could you gather and make him to come to indonesia? the poor thing I could not speak both korean and japanese (darn).

    • Hi there. I’m an Indonesian eel. Salam kenal :). We would love him to have his Cri-Show or Team H Show this year in Indonesia, too… but we don’t know yet as he hasn’t announced his fixed schedule :). Let’s cross fingers! In one of his Zikzin Radio episodes when he read a fan story from Indonesia, he said once that he’d like to visit Indonesia. Let’s hope that it’s this year 🙂

  7. “in terms of acting, he is no doubt an actor who can be trusted.” –> I couldn’t agree more :). I am so proud of Jang Keun Suk that he had such a determination to choose this Drama, a Drama which is not typical. I don’t care at all anymore about domestic rating in Korea as preference is the basis of its calculation. This drama has a lot more to offer, way beyond its ‘easily misinterpreted’ title, and I’ll cherish it as one of my most favourite K-Dramas of all time :). JKS & Bel Ami/ Beautiful Man/ Pretty Man daebak!

  8. He is not that old but is a smart and charming actor with various sides. The poor achievement of the drama is too bad, but in terms of acting, he is no doubt an actor who can be trusted > really agree with this statement, IMHO even Min Ho could not act different character, I don’t think Min Ho could act such of funny thing with funny face.

  9. bel ami very awesome drama. all in one (life’s growth, love story, fun, life’s lesson and everything). i will be repeating all from ep 1 – 16 a thousand times i think…hehehhe. i love everything in this drama, from the casts (specially JKS he really made me cry though i seldom cry watching dramas), the writer is the best not even lost from the simplest detail, everything were all answered and taken up with closure, the director who made it more lively and interesting and the set is very adorable, the scenery. wow, i’ll give you 99.9%. it could have been a 100% if this was made 30 episodes. part 2 please!!!! ade from Philippines!

  10. the heirs was not the drama we expected,but pretty man was amazing,suki was the best,so cute and …
    jks you have big fans in Iran!

  11. I rarely cry when watching tv dramas but this one, the last few episodes of this drama made me really cry.. for me, it only proved how effective the acting of Jang Keun Suk, IU, Lee Jang Woo, and the rest of the artists are. Kudos to all the artists and the production staff for making a quality drama until the end. Like JKS said, regardless of the rating he is happy with the drama.

    Through this drama, JKS has proven how serious and versatile he is as an actor and i’m sure a lot of viewers around the world will be waiting for his next project. 행운을 빕니다! 장근석씨!

  12. Yes prince JKS should be called the kdrama prince of all time because he portrays his role intelligently.It’s another award for him indeed in this drama.We are hoping that his next would be a much challenging role.Portraying a hero and a villain in one drama series.Being an amazing and a convincing actor he can do both by heart.We don’t care about the rating in Korea.He already gained popularity and love internationally.Different nation loved watching him not only because of his good looks but also for his gifted multi-talent.A rare artist that is beyond compare.

  13. I like what it says in the article. I keep my idea, Beautiful Man was misrepresented from the beginning . Jang Keun Suk made ​​the perfect choice. He was able to show and prove his true value. I have seen many Korean actors in different K-dramas but only Jang Keun Suk convinced that could give life to Dokgo Ma Te, a character so complex .
    The fact that he never expected events after the shooting and went to Osaka makes me think that though the affected low rating but do not know if you recognize this fact. Frankly speaking , he wanted very much to be appreciated by his fellow citizens. He said that before the start of the broadcast .
    I still do not understand this phenomenon, whatever it says . Jang Keun Suk is a true ambassador of his country, through him I learned more about Korea and everyone knows he is a Korean artist ( artist , not an actor I always say that he is a complete artist , actor and singer and others besides these ). Do not recognize your values ​​makes you poorer. So is their loss.
    I wish him not to give up, continue to fight for his dream and he remains Jang Keun Suk, our Prince.

  14. such a good drama that can give everyone motivation on each episodes.
    a strong character, the way of a man growth, how he faced and solved each problems when it raised. you’ll find it all the emotion and meaning when you really watch it.(i have watched it all :p)
    don’t be sad for the rate, i believe the international eels and viewers would love to watch this drama. Because you are really the best actor JKS ^^ you truly made a good choice ^^
    화이팅 !!


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