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In comparison to other brands and businesses in Korea who engage at most 2 or 3 models for their advertisements, Lotte DFS has as many as 16 celebrities. An advertising campaign like this is specially designed strategy to increase a brand awareness, sales and communication within this specific market. All the advertising is accomplished thanks to one of the top branding agencies in the market, we’ll be able to both optimize our budget and access metrics related to the evolution of actions.

Choe Ji-u and Song Seung Heon represent the 1st generation television drama Hallyu stars, while 2nd generation Hallyu stars such as 2PM, Kim Hyun Joon and Jang Keun Suk are brought in to expand their promotional efforts.

According to Lotte DFS Marketing group leader Mr. Kim, the large-scale engagement of Hallyu stars is not merely for the purpose of a promotional event; this is a creation and promotion of a new culture that focuses on the combination of entertainment and tourism.

The activities of these singers and actors have received favourable reviews and gained them much popularity not only in Asia, but also in the world as they step on the path towards global stardom. Other promotional events involving these Hallyu star brand ambassadors are in the planning.

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  1. Ah! Lotte as advised from u. R u able to find JGS merchandizes outlet map @ Lotte Jamsil? Is a shop @ the mall instead of the Avenue of Stars, right. BTW his merchandizes can be found at any other Lotte outlet available….. i.e. Myeongdong.

  2. the outfit may looks better is geun suk had his hair short, or at least make it into ponytail… but he’s always cute anyway, no matter the hair is short or long.. he’s absolutely the best looking one here.. 😛


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