14 thoughts on “[07.01.2014] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Hahaha….we saw his ponyo belly on latest epi…hahaha. so,pls dont complain eels dont feed you like last time for your FM…hahaha

  2. Wahahha…..Sukkie is funny person. When fans didn’t feed him, he was not happy. Now they feed him almost every day or week of this drama…he complaint about weights….LOLL

    Keun Suk-ahh. I think you look better and healthier with some meats or fats in your body….hahaha.

  3. Suk-ah, you look good when you’re not too skinny… your baby belly is cute, but maybe a little bit of diligent workout will do… kekekeke…

  4. I saw some videos of him from 2010 recently, and OMG, he was so skinny!!!

    I like him better with some weight on… Now, off to the gym and turn it into muscle 🙂


  5. O God, but looks great! Even it looks a little weak …
    Now he needs to relax, not to eat on the run and do sports for strengthening the body. And why not a trip to a warm place because he stayed out in the cold enough.
    Take care of yourself Dear Prince.


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