9 thoughts on “[07.01.2014] Tree-J twitter”

  1. Will definitely miss waiting for new episodes.. Will just watch it over and over.
    Thank you for a great drama. 축하합니다 여쁜남자의!!

  2. The cast and crew seems so happy…you’ve work really hard..
    Thank you all for Beautiful Man…I LOVE IT… it’s such great drama…

    Sukkie you really made a good choice…thanks you!!!
    I love you

  3. Yah, so sad that Bel Ami is ending. Wished it could have been longer, another 4 episodes to make 20 in total would be wonderful. Already miss seeing our handsome Keun Suk! Do continue to act, pick a movie next maybe, Keun Suk? Think our Keun Suk will do fabulous in an action, investigative, mystery solving drama where he is the genus sleuth:):):)

  4. It’s a wrap! Ah gonna miss this drama a lot. Anyway… looking forward to the unwrapped surprises he has in store this year :). zikzin!

  5. thank you to the team that believed in Sukkie for this role! thank you to the whole working team and sponsors! thank you for the food trucks! and thank you for this wonderful gift for us Sukkie! we love Bel Ami! BM fightin’!! Sukkie pls don’t make us miss you too long, take your much needed break and show us back your smiling face soon! ❤
    thank you for this sis tenshi! ^^

  6. A family photo. A big happy family. The picture is missing a big part of this family, the eels.
    In the middle is its most beloved child, Keun Suk.
    Thanks to all who have trusted this child, took care of him and supported him.
    Have only good part!


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