[article] 18 years ago Jang Keun Suk, certifies born to be pretty man.. doll beauty ‘sparkles’

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[OSEN=Sun Mi Kyung] The actor Jang Keun Suk showed his picture from 18 years ago.

Jang Keun Suk posted the picture and the text on his twitter by saying “Happy New Year even though it’s late. 18 years ago the boy who is flaring the nostrils becomes the Asia prince”.

The picture that was opened to the public was a baby Jang Keun Suk 18 years ago. Jang Keun Suk proudly shows pretty and cute invariable appearance. Especially, the current look appears on the picture even though it is a picture from 18 years ago.

The netizens’ responses were “Jang Keun Suk sparkles even before 18 years ago”, “Jang Keun Suk is certified born to be pretty man”, “Jang Keun Suk’s appearance 18 years ago is very cute”.

Jang Keun Suk is cast in the KBS 2TV Wednesday Thursday drama ‘The Pretty Man’.

[Picture]Jang Keun Suk’s twitter
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24 thoughts on “[article] 18 years ago Jang Keun Suk, certifies born to be pretty man.. doll beauty ‘sparkles’”

    • Hi newb-eel! Let it backfire. Every situation is four sided. Haters would always hate him, the opposite side would love him more because he attacked. The other 2 sides would be observing what is going on, those who introspective would find proof why those things occur and further investigate. But in the process, a lot will discover the treasures behind this man… and they rally together with those who love him. In the end a lot will be converted to become EELs. So, there is no need to worry. The more these carry people will the be throwing mud on his face, the more he will shine.

      • You guys …stop repeating the negative! You spent so much time and energy discussing as to why/how people should/could love JKS. Here’s the thing, he is an actor, a celebrity, a performer – he does his tricks, if people love it, they’ll come, if the don’t they won’t be fans. Geez…JKS should not waste his time making people love him – what he should do is concentrate on his trade/craft – do a new thing, create, do great movies, FORGET being CUTE. For goodness sake, you are 27 years old, stop the cute antics, be a man , create things as a man…if you do well and it’s good, the media will write positive things, people will like you and be your fans. Stop wooing those that stop being fascinated by you. I hope his fans, doesn’t parrot, the how cute he is mantra. Babies are cute, puppies are cute, monkies are cute, you get the drift? Being cute at 27 is derogatory…meaning you have nothing going on beyond the face, helpless, nothing to show, shallow. be a man now…the new haircut is great, clean cut , manly, it announces to the world that you are in the Big man’s playing fields. I don’t know, maybe since I am from the US , I don’t understand this shallow nonsense, cuteness culture going around in the Korean media and fandom.

      • Hi Mary,

        You must have just wandered into this blog lately.
        So you must have been interested enough about Suk to look him up on this site, but still not exactly a fan yet.

        If your interest is enough for you to find out more about him, you will realize eventually why his eels (his die -hard fans are called that) say and do what we say and do ALL the time.

        You will also realize how wrong your impression of him is if you ever find out how much this 26-year-old boy-man has achieved in the last 20 years (he’s only turning 27 later this year).

        If you never do get to the point of understanding him and his eels, then I hope you will eventually find the wonder we have all already found – one day.

        Good Luck!

      • Dear Mary, I personally don’t think that JKS meant to emphasize on his ‘cutesy’ from his tweet… rather I took it as his expression of a reminder that back then he was that little boy doing the CF to help his family’s financial situation and now, the 26 years old (27 y.o Korean age) him is in the phase of realising his dream, his brand i.e. Asia Prince :). His being cute, good looking and all is a fact that we can’t deny although ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholders’. His eels are quite ‘protective’ sometimes, yes, because there are people out there who simply judge him based on appearance and even utter rude things such as ‘ugly’. If you happen to follow him and his SNS, he once wrote some sort of a ‘complaint’ when he had the ‘apple hairstyle’ again in one scene of BM. He is well aware that he is now reaching a more mature age and he should behave accordingly. He has been quite reflective about being at this age, actually, if you listened to his Zikzin Radio Episodes about “Being 27” :). He also said that BM might be his last rom-com, it means that he is indeed thinking about taking up roles in the future which is suitable to his age. Why did he take the offer of playing Momo in ‘You Are My Pet’ and risked getting bashed? He said that he could only play such a role in his younger age, but not anymore when he is older :). I do have a faith on him that he knows what he is doing as – quoting you- “an actor, a celebrity, a performer”. JKS is someone who is ‘branding’ himself. That’s why each of his show reveals ‘different characteristics’… e.g. Cri Show has been showcasing the ‘Prince’ theme, Team H has been his DJ-ing figure etc. This, I have personally found as a fresh and genuine idea :). And about the ‘cuteness culture’, I can understand why you don’t get it. As an Asian myself, I have to admit that we have this kind of tendency to like cuteness and being cute. It is somehow something that we can’t really avoid :). Anyway, I still think that JKS will always improve. He will stay true to himself, a man with some little boy spirit inside of him, but he knows what he has to do as a more mature man as well. Instance? look at BM 🙂

  1. At a very young age, he had shown that great potential of an artist. He was a natural charmer and a very handsome ever since. Well he got those genes from his parents. His dad is handsome and his mom is very pretty.

  2. Not only god given handsome look, he was born to be an actor too. Visit the link that Sis Tenshi posted on Kellogg’s advertisement piece you will fall in love with him.

  3. My thoughts: JGS knows what he wants in life. He is a very realistic and intelligent person. He is aware that he is not popular in Korea and that he knows the reasons too. Right now, he might be thinking hard and what will be next for him. Just a few days ago he posted some lyrics of the song “to dream the impossible dream” – a very painful song.

    I’m glad that he has other talents aside from acting. He has talents in directing (remember his documentary), script writing, he can actually draw (remember his drawings of jason who really looks like him etc), he knows marketing and promotions, and he has skills in learning new languages. The competition in dramas and films is tough – but sukkie does not have to go where others are going, he can do other things.

    I’m glad that there are eels and his family is closely knit. He is emotionally supported.

    I want him success in life. that he marries the right girl who is honest and who loves him regardless of his imperfection. a girl who does not compete with him but someone who encourages him, someone who cheers for him behind the scenes, someone who is loyal to him.

    • Quennie, thank you, thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us here. Totally agreed with what you said.

      Jang Keun Suk is not only smart biz man, he is also a TREND settler in words and actions. For example, many people are now using “ZikZin” and “Yilini” words….even two HIGH TV rating dramas copied these words in their dramas. Dabeak!!!!

      By all means, these words are Korean words, so any body can use them…..but it’s still the FACT that becoz Jang Keun Suk is the one who initiated FIRST, so those words become VIRAL everywhere in the internet.

      I don’t know what Jang Keun Suk’s professional life will hold in the future?? How long it will last?? But I do know and have confident in his abilities and multi-talents and skills….that no matter what which he will be doing…..those projects will be FRESH and interesting projects and those projects will attracted many many people’s attentions. Even if those creative projects might NOT be well received by Koreans people…..but there are market out side of Korea.

      Jang Keun Suk-ahhh….the sky is the limit….keep on ZikZin and paving your ways in this Crazy BizWorld. You are born to be ACTOR and Entertainer.

  4. Who knows – he will turn into a director or a script writer. or he will be an actor in Japan. or a rally car driver. or a franchise car dealer of luxury cars. or he might be the next CEO of a conglomerate or another entertainment agency like SM or JYP or YG (who knows later on Hongki and some FT Island members or IU etc will sign-up with Tree-J). We never know what is in store for this young man.

  5. Sometimes I am worried too about his popularity in korea. But I am confident that he will rise up to the challenges of times.He is survivor in this highly competitive industry. He is a planner and am sure that he had assessed the “what ifs”.

    I also hope that he has someone special to cheer for him and loyal fans. His leading ladies are now top names in industry and are in happy relationships too. Mgy with Kim Bum, Yoona and Lsg, and there are dating rumours circulating between Psh and Lee min ho after their Heirs project.
    Fans are so fickle-minded but I hope there are loyal jgs fans who will continue to support him.

  6. In addition I am confident that Jgs will re-invent himself according to his age and his environment. I am confident too thatt he will not solely depend on the entertainment industry for hiss livelihood. I remembered himm saying that his popularity is like a balloon that can blow-up anytime. Thus he is very realistic and has long made plans on his next steps.
    This young man is very smart, he is not only pretty man but has a high IQ.

  7. Hahaha..Mary.. Being a chinees myself but growing up in a western society I first met up with my Asian heritage only around 2008. I was then 45 yr old already…
    First I tried to understand the cuteness bizz also..
    Now I understand, feel it and can accept it more because it’s non threatening
    We in the west are more in to the muscled, bearded, hairy macho men and big B&B sexy sun tanned and fully make-up independent women while asians like the opposites
    The muscles and the B&B we see more and more these days in Asia are copied from the west..before that we could see muscles with the kung fu fighters. and the sexy ladies always as wh***s or bad women
    We saw this topic even in Beautiful Man…BT quarrel with her brother about muscles and no musles…and BT in lusty mood when she saw the strong veined arms of the butcher and her freaking out when she saw his chesthair…lol..
    I myself don’t like big muscled sixpacked and tattooed man; so JKS is totally my taste

    JKS is mocking himself(I love how he sometimes ridicules himself; enough to stay real)…who would have thought that the boy who was flaring his nose on national tv would have come this far even with all the obstacles and struggles
    New years day is a day all Korean add another year to their age…He grows older and wiser and more serious but that angelic smile and the flaring of the nose can’t be changed.; really born this way..call it cute call it whatever…it’s JKS the Asian Prince, King of Eels


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