[04.01.2014] Jang Keun Suk LINE

Jang Keun Suk is asking Eels. What kind of stage do you want if you wanna be with JKS in 2014?

1. Inauguration ceremony of Fan club, Cri J
2. Copying TeamH Show in 2013
3. Unexpected Cri Show 3
4. Zikzin Tour in Seoul

Ole!! What do you say?

Or..no.5??? 5. just have my way..lol

tenshi_akuma’s note: I don’t know why he posted this on LINE. Because we can’t reply to him…

22 thoughts on “[04.01.2014] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

  1. Tenshi…is this his way to tease us again!!!
    Sukkie Yilini….you want our hearts stop from excitement…

    You can always have it your way…
    but I guess this is his agenda for 2014 ha?
    It would be sooooooo wonderful

    • He talked about new albums for him and Team H…
      combined there will be concerts of course..

      Can’t wait for the new albums…because besides the drama’s/films these are the easiest and affordable items to purchase for everybody..
      Concert tickets are so hard to come by especially for foreign eels..

  2. 2 & 3 combined with no. 5 as a special treat!
    Ah, am I greedy?
    Noooooo! We want to see plenty of you! Kya!
    And Don’t 4get about planning the World Tour!
    We want JKS!
    We want to see JKS!
    Yeah! Zikzin!

  3. why no option for zikzin fest2?! that looked like a wonderful day filled with Sukkie and fun! aigoo if only i knew him then already!

  4. All of them but more of 5) when you would innovate more for us, your eels. You just do whatever you wish we just simply love you babe.

  5. 🙂
    🙂 I WANNA ————-> ZIKZIN TOUR in SEOUL or AMERICA! 😉 please!
    🙂 I WANNA ————-> ZIKZIN TOUR in SEOUL or AMERICA! 😉 please!

    ….4ever ZIKZIN WORLD !!

  6. Super #5..!!1 JKS, Go Go Go ZikZin, have your way, mo matter what projects you will come up with!!

    Though, I know you must be soooo tired NOW after filming Beautiful Man….please rest and rebuild your strengths beside doing many things. When you are done with your Concerts Touring…..please please…choose play another drama or movie project at the 2nd half of 2014….this is my most wish list this year from you..!!!

    • so..the Bm’s shooting is done? they should aired it already coz I cant wait.kkk.. for this year..I hope he got more rest and pick a good role.drama or movie will do as long as its good.for his singing..I look forward for his new album.eager to know the concept and genre.s
      uk ah..whatever u do..we eels know u know the best what u wanna do.zikzin!

  7. We can add two options, 6 and 7?
    6. To rest and relax to recharge the batteries.
    7. To achieve what he wants more, a new album or a new drama.
    Besides this, to be healthy and about the rest, we’ll see.
    All the best.

    • I hope also… 🙂 It’s ver sad, that asian singer/musician doesn’t come to Europe. Even i’m from Finland, it would be nice if they come to Paris, for example… Zikzin 4ever!!!

      • Yes…Paris is ok…he has a lot of french eels and he has a french friend there…would it not be wonderful…
        I think eels from all over Europe would go to Paris for his show…maybe just maybe…let’s keep the dream…
        We would be happy for a ZEPP kind of tour allready…

        Let’s bring it up eels…for the ones who are already member of CRI-J….maybe he’ll get the message

  8. He can do whatever as eels will support him regardless. Personally, I want him to come to Spore as I can’t support him overseas bcoz of family committment

  9. Hola JKS. Before you perform, can you pleaseeeeeee take a break in Latin America? Between June and July for the 2014 World Soccer Cup. We want to see and hear from you People from all over the world will travel to Brazil and it is not just the guys. JKS be healthy and always smile.


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