[Beautiful Man] Episode 14 Preview in Text

Credit: KBS and Ai-Yean-Cri’s weibo for Chinese translation
English Translation: Springsuk_USA

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t watched previous episodes please be aware of the spoiler.

Na Hong Ran takes out the watch and tells Mate that she is his birth mother.
She also says some cruel words to Mate who is totally in shock and can’t say a word out.
Mate is deeply in pain towards the people who is betrayal to him.
Botong moved out from David’s house
Botong learns that Mate is so depressed after he knows about the reality of his birth mom, so she takes him to the skate rink try to comfort him.
Looking at Botong, Mate first time feels some feeling towards her that he have never had it before.

10 thoughts on “[Beautiful Man] Episode 14 Preview in Text”

  1. tonite.tonite.tonite full intense ep. 14, so prepare well before this episode aired.. go bathroom first, prepare a lot of tissue…kkkk…

  2. OMG…what will do about this…all this time he was fighting against the witch…and she turns out to be his birth mother…and surrounded by people who all have their evil agenda…..what heartache will he have to overcome; what feelings he has to conquer.
    No wonder his heart is so icy cold…
    BT is really the only constant and genuine thing in his whole life…

  3. i cannot even try to describe how excited i am for this ep!!! but oh how my heart breaks for next week will bring the end of BM! i hope it’s a powerful finish! BM fightin’! *^

  4. How cruel can a mother be! I can’t imagine. The baby in episode 13 really looks like our Prince when he was a baby, sooooo sweet.


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