[30.12.2013] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

To dream the impossible dream
To love pure and chaste from afar
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To reach the unreachable star.
– Don Quixote

去梦想不可能实现的梦想,去谈不可能有结果的恋爱,去战胜无法战胜的敌人,去忍受无法忍受的痛苦,去追寻无法触手的星星.-堂吉柯德- (翻译:颖)
@张根硕: 이룩할 수 없는 꿈을 꾸고, 이루어질 수 없는 사랑을 하고, 이길 수 없는 적과 싸움을 하고, 견딜 수 없는 고통을 견디며, 잡을 수 없는 저 하늘의 별을 잡자. -돈키호테-
(Note: He used the famous quote from Don Quixote “The Impossible Dream”.

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  1. The first time I found out that one of his most favourite book was “Norwegian Wood” by Haruki Murakami (which is one of my favourite, too), I was surprised that he read such a ‘heavy’ book. Now he’s quoting from another ‘heavy’ book, Don Quixote. I don’t know if such a quote reflects what is in his mind at the moment, but whatever it is, I hope he won’t stop dreaming & realising his dream: to live the life he always wants and to love somebody he always wants :). Thanks for sharing this, sis Sarah 🙂

  2. Thanks Sarah for sharing this. I surmised he was quoting these lines form Don Quixote with whatever is state of mind and deep pain in his heart. What he was written, I can associate with the Bel Ami critique of a Non-Eel which was posted the other day.

    Being alone in his fight, fight against the big ent comapny who wanted to manipulate him.
    Traveling alone in that road he choose, but a road that no one will dictate him, but its a lonely road to freedom.
    To make that impossible dream come true…

    But Sukkie, always remember…You have your BIG FAMILY all over the world. We are one with you. We will always be at your side.

  3. Listens to the song from the play, grabs sword and am off adventuring. Yes, I know it’s really a shovel but I’m not getting out of the driveway without it.
    Awakening passion is about the only justifiable reason I have seen so far in the drama for making this guy go through what he has so far as he was much better off to begin with.(With Jackie, not Bo Tong.)

  4. I like this quote. Sukkie is really fond of quoting from famous writers! Kinda recalled that there was an instance in which the quote backfired. Seriously i don’t think he did anything wrong. Couldn’t understand why people were so sensitive. Whats wrong with being knowledgeable ?

  5. well it breaks my heart really to find him fighting alone 🙁 i mean after PM i think he will not act again for a long time . and its really broke my heart to see all those actors are awarded at kbs and mbc and sbs when they just started while sukkie probably will never have their attention ,and to be honest he is really fading away and not as half as he was b4 and i’m bead scared that after army people will not remember him cuz he had a 3 time drama fail and after army no one will give him roles and he will be over for him :(((( cuz i know he is famous but he is not that famous know that just kills me 🙁

    • Yeahhhh..…..ALL STARs will fade away eventually, sooner or later..!!!! I don’t worry much about when Jang Keun Suk is fading away…… for sure he will fade away with legacy imprint of being pioneer in many areas in the Show BiZ world. I am proud to be his EEL..!!!! I will love and support him until the end of his career….. may it be Tomorrow or 10, 20 years from now…??

      I don’t get why people keep saying that Jang Keun Suk is a failure becoz of low TV rating. I am sooooo tired hearing people disrespect this man, Jang Keun Suk, becoz of low TV rating issues. OH yeahh…I understand that about the ONLY thing that people can say to HURT him and his fans………low rating looser.. !!!

      Why is the ficking TV rating is so important to people when it is ONLY being calculated based on “3147..?” households among 50 million Koreans?? People make such a BIG deal and important about TV rating!!! Don’t tell me that people ONLY like to watch and enjoy HIGH TV rating dramas…….omo-yahh…I guess many people are like that. Don’t people think there is something WRONG with the RATING system here..?? How else low rating dramas can become soooo famous and earned HIGHEST money in the history….. ayahhhh….* shake head *

      If people are interest to know some truths about LOW rating dramas of Jang Keun Suk …..here you go…..

      YAB had low rating…..Jang Keun Suk name became known thru out Asia and some parts of this world….

      MMM had low rating…. JKS received some Award recognitions for it.

      Love Rain had low rating….. this drama earned the “highest income” in the K-dramas history….( is it meant , failure drama to people…??..)

      Beautiful Man has low rating —— this is the BEST role Jang Keun Suk portraying so far…….and I have no doubt it will be sensational OUTSIDE of Korea, too.

      Why people disdignified a STARs based on low TV rating. There are many many RICH Famous and talented STARs in this world who never received any Prestige Awards……Those stars are still being admired and LOVE by millions of people.

      By all means, I do not disrespect those people who received those AWARDs are NOT good actors or actresses…… Receiving AWARDs mean something….……but if any ACTORs or actresses don’t have ones…..that’s NOT always mean…. life or death of their careers.

      • Dear Kailey.
        Regarding the awards, my first thought flies to Leonardo DiCaprio. He received no Oscar for interpretation. That means it is not a good actor? As Charlie Chaplin, Robert Redford, Peter O’Toole, Johnny Depp and other great actors like them. Often the awards or their absence does not reflect the true value of an actor.
        As Alex expressed fear about falling into oblivion Jang Keun Suk’s after the army, so as not to happen. And even if hypothetically could this happen, Jang Keun Suk is the man who will always have the strength to start over again, with greater force and determination.
        We will always be with him, we always have high confidence in him and we pray for him.

    • Alex,
      U are being overly pessimistic about Sukkie.

      His dramas, including Love Rain and the current Beautiful Man, are not a failure internationally, so please stop saying his dramas failed.

      Also, Sukkie is so full of passion and drive so I know he will strive harder and ‘reinvent’ himself as an actor and singer… we can see that he is always doing things that are different from other artistes.

      After the army, he will be more mature to take on other ‘non-idol’ roles, so please have confidence in him and yourself 🙂

  6. Awww….Sukkie is doing a reflection of his life again. He’s always a heavy and deep thinkers, a poetic thinker at that. I love the poetic Suk. I used to read so many of his “old” diaries or journal in the old days….and I was inspired the poetic Suk, I got most of his wisdom quotes thru reading those old jouurnal entries. That was one of the many reasons why I love this Man, the poetic Suk.

    Many people said he is “childess” or “immatured” man, but to me, Jang Keun Suk cracked “joke” deliberately most time to lighten up some moods…and for entertaining purposes.

    In fact, the REAL Jang Keun Suk is a very carefree fun going person and also a “wise” young man and very intelligent man, too intelligent for his own good sometimes….because he got in “trouble” becoz of being too intelligent and poetic in the past. The “Hosie” label was derived from one of those poetic postings and “quoting” famous books, poetics, movies…etc. JKS is too deep, not many people can understand him or what’s he meant sometimes thru his journal and messages,unless those people are deep thinker also…

    EELs, you are very patient and bravest fans in the world. To be able to follow an extraordinary special STAR, you must become extraordinary and sharp wits like him, too.

    Being extraordinary person, most times,

    * being treat as “out of the norm” or weirdo or crazy….therefore, life of an extraordinary person can not be easier or smooth ride at best.

    * always thinking out of the box, (not thinking like normal people thinking)

    * is special person,(diamond in the rough)

    * has many layers, like an Onions (the more you peel the layers, the more you learn and want to peel more….)

    **…the list of being extrordinary person can go on and on……

    In way, I just want to say that Jang Keun Suk has soo many dreams and too many creative ideas that it’s hard for normal person to obtain and understand him.

    With Jang Keun Suk, fans can pick and choose what they like BEST about him…because he has it all in one BIG PACKAGE.

    I love all of Jang Keun Suk, the poetic Suk, the wise old man Suk, the goofey and crazy Suk, the witty and intelligent Suk.

    • yes..he’s a complete package..of course he’s not perfect but if he’s a product..he have it all with pro and con features and he can always upgrade the con to pro frm time to time to be a better product. that’s why i love this product more and more.

  7. The fact that he chose that quote and the fact that he himself made ​​the choice to fight with their strengths to achieve their aspirations shows his true face and his true value.
    The mission assumed it is tough but he is not a failure. It was given by God with everything needed for its fulfillment, talent, vision, will, determination, strength work, inspiration and sciece of use them to fulfill their purpose. He is a special person and such a person has a special destiny.
    It is true that it is not perfect and is not perfect and this is good. Perfection does not reside on Earth. Impression of being touched perfection leads to removing any dreams and aspirations.
    Paulo Coelho said that the purpose of life is not to simply pass through it to survive, but is to going forward, to get you high, to achieve and to conquer. Jang Keun Suk knows this very well. He knows just the ability to achieve what you dream makes life more interesting. He strongly believes in his dreams, that something must be done before you think that can be done. He knows that to achieve something big must have full confidence in yourself, have courage, determination and vision and that anything is possible for those who strongly believe in their dreams. This belief put your mind and soul in motion to find a way of achieving any dream.
    He must know that his way is not alone, as millions of good thoughts, support and admiration is directed towards him and these thoughts may have the gift to form a barrier between him and those who think and talk bad about him.
    I wish him all the best, manage to do what he likes and making it do with pleasure.

  8. that is what our Suk is- a dreamer and yet a realist, a goal-oriented man and yet child-like, a perfectionist and yet with simple pleasures! I love Sukkie for being the deep-thinker that he is. He is like no other and he will remain to be that is why there for me there is no such thing as “Sukkie fading away”. People as precious as him only continue to get better, maybe not in number but never less in quality. Sukkie I will always be here for you as you reach for the unreachable star. Ma Teh/Sukkie, pls stay strong, we are just around and never gonna leave!!

  9. Ahhh it’s the end of 2013…this man is in his deep thinking and self reflection mode again…kkkk You are doing good this year boss, it could be better in 2014.. I know, because Itrust you..;) I am eagerly looking forwards for our journey together in 2014. Whether we stumble upon rocks on our jouney due to the road is still unexplored or we survive thriumphantly, I am eagerly loking forwards to it. Eels will always be with the man named JANG KEUN SUK. Leaving you travelled alone is not an option! You think we will just let you having all the fun!?? No way!

    JKS & Eels, Fighting! Jyo Zikzin!!

  10. To dream … the impossible dream …
    To fight … the unbeatable foe …
    To bear … with unbearable sorrow …
    To run … where the brave dare not go …

    To right … the unrightable wrong …
    To love … pure and chaste from afar …
    To try … when your arms are too weary …
    To reach … the unreachable star …

    This is my quest, to follow that star …
    No matter how hopeless, no matter how far …

    To fight for the right, without question or pause …
    To be willing to march into Hell, for a Heavenly cause …

    And I know if I’ll only be true, to this glorious quest,
    That my heart will lie will lie peaceful and calm,
    when I’m laid to my rest …

    And the world will be better for this:
    That one man, scorned and covered with scars,
    Still strove, with his last ounce of courage,
    To reach … the unreachable star …

    Thank you Sukkie…..for I’ve learn something again today…
    It’s my quest to follow that star…Jang Keun Suk
    No matter how hopeless, no matter how far
    To fight for the right, without question or pause
    ZIKZIN Sukkie..
    You are really a man with substance no matter what others says..
    achievements in life is not only measured by ratings, trophies, money or likes…
    achievements like beauty is in the eye or in this case consideration of the beholder/person
    JKS knows his battle; sometimes you win sometimes you lose..if there are enemies there also will be friends…
    Thank God not all are ignorant

  11. yesss!i like this quote very much!i use it when i want describe my situation in front of himself, he is that my unreachable star!and i am so happy he used it,too!but i cant understand his unreachable star!!!
    anyway;jang keun suk!zikzin to your star!

  12. Hmmm… I think it’s not about Sukkie himself, but about Dokgo Mate.
    That’s why he used Mate’s pics with Weibo and Twitter. He must have filmed the climax part of ‘Beautiful Man’. That’s why he used ‘To love…’ part that was originally used not as a series. So I just want to say him, “Mate, go go to your dream!”

    • I think so too…but still I can’t escape from the feeling Matae is a bit JKS and JKS is a bit of Matae
      He should have filmed the climax of BM by now…
      I hope all ends well…and that Matae (JKS)reaches the unreachable star..

      • Ooooh…u r right!i think i had to pay more attention to these pictures!
        Your answes are more reasonable than me!
        I hadn’t to say this excited opinion(i was excited because he said this quote)so thank u for correcting my mistake!
        Anyway jang keun suk! Just zikzin…

  13. I am agree with you Tenshi,it have to be about Mate,first because in both,the twitt and the weibo he posted photos of Mate,second because Mate is living a similar situation of the song/quote based on the Don Q. book,but included in the play,he dont have his father and right now is hopeless because deleted the password,he have to search now by himself,then he dont have Botong,so he is in pain even he didnt noticed yet,but have the faith that he could emerge like the ave fenix and reach his goals step by step,reach the stars,he will do for sure,i am with you Mate,fighting.

  14. I really hope these are feeling for Ma Te… but the light on the Don Quixiote character really make me think a little bit to our Prince… I know you eels don’t know italian language, but as soon as I read the quote, i cannot stop thinking to an italian song, from the singer-songwriter Guccini (not a truly nice voice, but he write always deep meaning songs).
    This is the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFn-pC39hRU

    And this is the translation I found out for you, if you want to know what the song tell…

    Ho letto millanta storie di cavalieri erranti,/ I’ve red too many tales about knights-errant

    di imprese e di vittorie dei giusti sui prepotenti/ of heroic deeds, about the good triumphing over the high and mighties

    per starmene ancora chiuso coi miei libri in questa stanza/ to keep staying here in this room with my books

    come un vigliacco ozioso, sordo ad ogni sofferenza./ like a lazy coward, deaf to any sufference

    Nel mondo oggi più di ieri domina l´ingiustizia,/ in the world of today, more that yesterday, iniquity dominates

    ma di eroici cavalieri non abbiamo più notizia;/ but we no longer have news about heroic knights

    proprio per questo, Sancho, c´è bisogno soprattutto/ and because of that, Sancho, what we need the most

    d´uno slancio generoso, fosse anche un sogno matto:/ is a generous impetus, even if it’s a crazy dream

    vammi a prendere la sella, che il mio impegno ardimentoso/ fetch my saddle, because

    l´ho promesso alla mia bella, Dulcinea del Toboso,/ I’ve promised my bold commitment to my beloved, Dulcinea del Toboso

    e a te Sancho io prometto che guadagnerai un castello,/ and to you, Sancho, I promise you will earn a castle

    ma un rifiuto non l´accetto, forza sellami il cavallo !/ but I won’t accept a refusal, come one, saddle my horse

    Tu sarai il mio scudiero, la mia ombra confortante/ you will be my squire, my comforting shadow

    e con questo cuore puro, col mio scudo e Ronzinante,/ and with this pure heart, with my shield and Roncinante

    colpirò con la mia lancia l´ingiustizia giorno e notte,/ I will strike injustice day and night with my spear

    com´è vero nella Mancha che mi chiamo Don Chisciotte…/ as sure as my name is Don Chisciotte here in la Mancha

    Sancho Panza
    Questo folle non sta bene, ha bisogno di un dottore,/ this madman is not fine, he needs a doctor

    contraddirlo non conviene, non è mai di buon umore…/ to contradict him is not a good idea, he’s never in a good mood

    E´ la più triste figura che sia apparsa sulla Terra,/ he’s the saddest figure ever appeared on this earth

    cavalier senza paura di una solitaria guerra/ valiant knight of a lonesome war

    cominciata per amore di una donna conosciuta/ started for the love of a woman met

    dentro a una locanda a ore dove fa la prostituta,/ in a hourly inn where she works as prostitute

    ma credendo di aver visto una vera principessa,/ but thinking to have seen a real princess

    lui ha voluto ad ogni costo farle quella sua promessa./ he wanted to make her that promise at any cost

    E così da giorni abbiamo solo calci nel sedere,/ and so since days we receive only kicks

    non sappiamo dove siamo, senza pane e senza bere/ we don’t know where we are, with no food nor water

    e questo pazzo scatenato che è il più ingenuo dei bambini/ and this madman who is like the most naive child

    proprio ieri si è stroncato fra le pale dei mulini…/ yesterday crashed into the windmill vanes

    E´ un testardo, un idealista, troppi sogni ha nel cervello:/ He is a stubborn, a stargazer, he has too many dreams in his mind

    io che sono più realista mi accontento di un castello./ I, who am more pragmatic, will settle for a castle

    Mi farà Governatore e avrò terre in abbondanza,/ he will make me overlord, i will own plenty of land

    quant´è vero che anch´io ho un cuore e che mi chiamo Sancho Panza…/ as sure as I have a heart too and my name is Sancho Panza

    Don Chisciotte
    Salta in piedi, Sancho, è tardi, non vorrai dormire ancora,/ wake up Sancho, it’s late, don’t tell me you want to sleep more

    solo i cinici e i codardi non si svegliano all´aurora:/ only the cynics and the cowards don’t wake up at dawn

    per i primi è indifferenza e disprezzo dei valori/ the formers because of their indifference and despise for the values

    e per gli altri è riluttanza nei confronti dei doveri !/ and for the latter is because of their reluctance towards duties

    L´ingiustizia non è il solo male che divora il mondo,/ injustice is not the only evil devouring the world

    anche l´anima dell´uomo ha toccato spesso il fondo,/ even the soul of man has often hit the rock bottom

    ma dobbiamo fare presto perché più che il tempo passa/ but we must act quickly because the more time passes by

    il nemico si fa d´ombra e s´ingarbuglia la matassa…/ the more the enemy becomes shadowy and the problems become knottier

    Sancho Panza
    A proposito di questo farsi d´ombra delle cose,/ regarding this “dimming of things”

    l´altro giorno quando ha visto quelle pecore indifese/ the other day when he saw those helpless sheeps

    le ha attaccate come fossero un esercito di Mori,/ he attacked them as if they were an army of moors

    ma che alla fine ci mordessero oltre i cani anche i pastori/ but in the end, that we
    would have been bitten even by the dogs and by the sheperds too

    era chiaro come il giorno, non è vero, mio Signore ?/ was clear as the daylight, wasn’t that, my lord?

    Io sarò un codardo e dormo, ma non sono un traditore,/ I may be a coward and a sleeper but i’m not a traitor

    credo solo in quel che vedo e la realtà per me rimane/ i only believe in what i see, and reality for me

    il solo metro che possiedo, com´è vero… che ora ho fame !/ still is the only criterion i have, as sure as…now i am hungry

    Don Chisciotte
    Sancho ascoltami, ti prego, sono stato anch´io un realista,/ Sancho, harken me, please, I’ve been a pragmatic too

    ma ormai oggi me ne frego e, anche se ho una buona vista,/ but now I don’t care anymore, and albeit i have a good view

    l´apparenza delle cose come vedi non m´inganna,/ as you can see, appearence doesn’t deceive me

    preferisco le sorprese di quest´anima tiranna/ I prefer the surprises of this ruthless soul

    che trasforma coi suoi trucchi la realtà che hai lì davanti,/ that transforms with its tricks the reality before your eyes

    ma ti apre nuovi occhi e ti accende i sentimenti./ but opens your new eyes and turns on your feelings

    Prima d´oggi mi annoiavo e volevo anche morire,/ Until today I felt so irksome and even wish to die

    ma ora sono un uomo nuovo che non teme di soffrire…/ but now i’m a new man who is not afraid to suffer

    Sancho Panza
    Mio Signore, io purtoppo sono un povero ignorante/ my lord, saddenly I’m just a poor ignorant

    e del suo discorso astratto ci ho capito poco o niente,/ I’ve understand very little of your abstract speech

    ma anche ammesso che il coraggio mi cancelli la pigrizia,/ but even if courage would erase my slothfulness

    riusciremo noi da soli a riportare la giustizia ?/ could we restore justice on our own?

    In un mondo dove il male è di casa e ha vinto sempre,/ in a world where evil is confident and has always won

    dove regna il “capitale”, oggi più spietatamente,/ where money rule, today more unmercifully (than ever)

    riuscirà con questo brocco e questo inutile scudiero/ will you, with this jade and this useless squire,be able

    al “potere” dare scacco e salvare il mondo intero ?/ to checkmate the power and save the world?

    Don Chisciotte
    Mi vuoi dire, caro Sancho, che dovrei tirarmi indietro/ do you mean, dear sancho that i should pull back

    perchè il “male” ed il “potere” hanno un aspetto così tetro ?/ because balefulness and sovereignty have such a dusky appearance?

    Dovrei anche rinunciare ad un po´ di dignità,/ should i renounce to a little of dignity

    farmi umile e accettare che sia questa la realtà ?/ become meek and accept that this is the reality?

    Don Chisciotte/Sancho Panza
    Il “potere” è l´immondizia della storia degli umani/ “power” is the filth of human history

    e, anche se siamo soltanto due romantici rottami,/ and albeit we are only two romantic wrecks

    sputeremo il cuore in faccia all´ingiustizia giorno e notte:/ we’ll spit the heart in the face of injustice night and day

    siamo i “Grandi della Mancha”,/ we are “the great ones from La Mancha”
    Sancho Panza… e Don Chisciotte !

    • thanks Eva for sharing this..
      I think I have to re-read this book again..this was something I had to read looooongggggg time ago in school…
      It’s so beautiful..the chivalry and noble thoughts

  15. To Alex….Of JKS being a failure? Korea is simply one place on earth…ONE! JKS is more popular outside of Korea. All his movies/dramas that have low ratings does very well outside of Korea, Love Rain did very very well outside of Korea and that is a testament of something. There is something more than rating that is happening , a big part of it is jealousy, of JKS taking off on his own, having his own company, producing, a singing , concerts (big concerts!), having stores/restaurants , product lines…this is the route a smart entertainer does take. I’m from the US, movie stars here move on to merchandising and branding, owing their own company ensuring future income, coz they know that they cannot be at the top of the Totem pole forever. This is What he is doing and the big shots in the Entertainment business in Korea is not liking it, it is seen as arrogance , this is one thing negative about Korea, very close minded to the point of provincial in its thinking and hierarchy. The way I see it , he is misunderstood, his ways are not the Korean ways, he speaks his mind and he is smart, witty , a free spirit, a self promoter, calling himself Asian Prince is his way of Branding (smart!). Think like Michael Jackson with the glove and king of pop, moniker, these kind of stars are way ahead of their peers. As coming from the US I get him – but it is a culture clash in Korea. Media feeds the public and the Korean public or drama watchers are obviously on the herd mentality mode, just accepting what is fed by the media. Actors stars do fade and they are replaced by younger ones. What JKS does is he is making sure that acting alone is not his source of income…very smart of him and his parents. He’ll make more movies /dramas and shot commercials., it is all about business….money. If he cannot make money in Korea, the rest of Asia will still back him because he still have a great mass followers in japan, China and etc. He can still bring in money , that’s all that matters. I wish him success in his endeavors. Nobody stays at the top forever…some have a short time, some longer. He made great money years back, he achieved greatness at a young age. He’ll be fine, after all he is JKS! BTW, Pretty Man is a very good drama, it has depth, lessons to be learned, thought provoking, maybe this is not on the same brain cell level of the average watchers?. It is not the typical “pull hair stupid ” Korean dramas – sorry , I’m a bit sarcastic but really a lot of the dramas have cringe inducing experience moment…holy Lord,


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