26 thoughts on “[Beautiful Man] A Critic To the Drama from a Non-Eel’s View”

  1. Wen sis, Thanks for this great translation and sharing.. I have read this article in BaiduSukbar also but so thankful you have translated it so well to share with more ^_^

  2. JKS is a solo fighter!
    Eels are his family!
    Let’s continue our utmost support to this courages Prince!
    He is indeed rare and special in the entertainment industry!
    Believing in himself and Zikzin towards his dreams.
    We are proud of you JKS!

    • Love your comment and this critical review. The Prince is brilliant in his acting. So far in BM I could see his jealousy and I just wish he would show his deep sadness in love in this drama as in YB, MMM, and LR that he did so well that he captured our hearts. Especially in this drama, BM, with no eye makeup, he is so naturally handsome. Just simply love him.

  3. It’s very rare to have read such an honest, very objective and specific reviews with a non-Eel like this one… I love all his/her point. Even if a lot have of people hated our Prince… still they can’t deny the fact that our Prince is excellent in almost all aspects that he’s been doing… We cannot please everyone as he/she pinpointed in this review… Thanks for sharing sis Sarah and sis wen for your great translations as always…

  4. Reading of the above I cried. Some words so beautiful and true that I have confirmed to me something that I was already convinced. Jang Keun Suk is a pioneer in many directions. Fight that our Prince is doing moment by moment to consolidate his place in the the artistic world is tough and exhausting and he is alone against all involved in the entertainment industry. He is different from others and many are afraid of talent and charisma that he owns. It was very nice highlighted the role the fans, his true family. Right. Just as a family is with his son and his brother helped him to travel the hard road to become a real man, so his fans must be close to our Prince him to become a great actor as he wants very more. God protect him and help him to fulfill his dream.

  5. This is such one great article from NON-fan’s point of views. This article has lifted up some of my worries about my STAR. In a way, it’s calm me. It’s reassured me to trust in my STAR’s choice and his ability to emit light in the darkness. If a person has talents and skills in his crafts, someone, somewhere, will see and appreciate those qualities.

    While I read this article, I hold my breathes a few times…..I was amazed with the author’s cunning words and understanding how the ShowBiz World usually operates. Her views and perceptions about ShowBiz are on target. I am also AWE with her understanding of fans’ behaviors and passer-bys’ interests.

    For passer-by drama-watchers, they would not care about the REAL stories behind the scenes……they like to watch what interesting to them, watch something related to their own fantasy world.

    I like her statement, “In this era where humanity is gradually fading, the general public rather follow sweet & romantic stories, because they lack so they yearn for.” This statement goes straight to my heart…..becoz I think it’s sooooo true!!! Yeahhh….some watching dramas for entertaining purposes only…..but Most people watch dramas so that they can escape from real life, and live in beautiful fantasy world thru the dramas. Who would not like to watch Cinderella Love Stories? Old or young, myself included!!!

    Beautiful Man drama is NOT about fantasy love story. It’s about life, a life of one vain shallowed person, who is struggling to learn and make himself become self worthy person and beautiful person in the inside. The story reflects so closely what happens in the REAL world, playing out in an exaggerating and funny ways.

    I can see and understand now this type of drama would not be appealing to most people, especially the young ones. To enjoy Beautiful Man drama, people need to watch it with open-minded with yearning hearts to learn…..!!! Yeahhh…that’s right!!! BM is full with many valuable life lessons.

    With Beautiful Man TV rating issue, most EELs, me included, got so effected by it. At the beginning, I was confused and shocked of what had happened ….. my protective natures kicked in, with overloaded of emotions which tended to be more NEGATIVE than positive emotions. With my painful heart, I started blame on many things and many people surrounding JKS. Goshhh…how wrong I was…. all because I did not understand things in a deeper level. So many things factoring in to make one drama appeal to general public and become success..1!!

    Me personally, TV rating means NOTHING to me. Most of the drama I watched drama I have NO clue what the TV rating were..? I didn’t even care if the rating is high or low. I watched any drama becoz I liked that drama.

    • haha..am i weird? i watch dramas to gain lesson in life.that’s why i prefer japanese drama.sometimes..that kind of drama can give self motivation and broaden our perspective in life.if i want to watch cinderella story..i just watch the original one or cartoon..much more interesting.or if i want to laugh..just watch sitcom.kkkk…

      • You’ve got a friend here, sukasukkie ;). I have been a huge fan of J-Dorama since my teenage years. I also think that J-Doramas are more realistic although they also have the comical manga adaptations ;). To be honest I don’t really watch K- dramas that much except for Jang Keun Suk’s dramas & some interesting sageuks :p. This year I only watch ‘Bel Ami/ Beautiful Man’ intensively. It already brings joy to end my year 😉

  6. I want to tell you a few ideas that troubling me. World of film and entertainment in general is a very tough world. As an artist, or have an army behind you people dealing with all the problems, or you are a man of steel to cope with his own team.
    I do not want to offend anyone but the truth is that if you’re not part of their world and try to get handle on their own struggle is fierce and merciless and the price paid is often too high. Especially his effort to be appreciated to the fullest and has unmeasured value.
    As for the rating, and it is his role. We love and appreciate JKS unconditionally but a higher rating you provide sponsors for these projects, you ensure a good time to broadcast the show and more.
    And also it is the psychological aspect. We all know how much JKS wants to be appreciated by Koreans.Therefore his fans through confidence and maximum support should supplement these shortcomings. We must be the wind that pushes his ship, the sun that warms his soul and port sheltering from the storm.
    God give him health and strength.

  7. “The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.”

    I’m glad with his ‘small company’ he creates his own path and he is able to follow his dreams. The road not travel by many idols has been giving him the advantages of being the pioneer not the followers. Followers come and go but pioneer still be remembered forever. I think I would be so mad to see him being push around and doing thing he don’t really keen to do. Seeing him in that kind of situation will give me more pain. So I am really glad that he has his own ‘small entertainment company’ & his loyal trusted entourage to begin with and assist his journey in the cruel entertainment world. Hope to see him expanding more of his brands to the world.

    Jang Keun Suk, eels fighting & zikzin!!!

    • In this having Tree-J is just like having Botong Company…fighting to stay alive amongst the giants…being original in their products and work inviroment…
      He did started Tree-J because he had been walking in the crowd and had to do and say things he was not happy with; he hated it…he did not want to lie to himself anymore..
      Now he is the pioneer; following his dreams…showing us him and that there is more than the crowd..and I’m thankful for it…JKS suits me fine…for I hate the crowd and watching and listening to the same things over and over again..and esp the forced smiles and happiness of it..
      I’m happy to be his family…

      Above all I love Beautiful Man..happy he was not wrong in his choice..BM to be savoured slowly and lovingly…

      Thanks for the translation Wen Lee, thanks to you we are able to enjoy a review from a passer by who took the time and the effort to write something (in this case) positive about Beautiful Man and our JKS..
      We eels don’t have to worry, she is right I guess..we don’t have to lower ourselves in defence on a lower level…we just have to be his good family, his eels who are supporting him, his works and support him for his shows and just be sensible eels and stay positive just like JKS

  8. This article written by a non-Eel has enabled me to understand more clearly the actual situation JKS faces as an actor in Korea. I also understand now the reasons why he wants us [Eels] to just sit back, relax and enjoy Bel Ami, and, not to worry about the ratings in his country.
    A few weeks ago, I did come across a translated article in which Suk talked about the types of dramas that will appeal to the Korean viewers, and therefore are likely to receive high ratings. If I’m not mistaken, he mentioned this at his recent Tokyo Zikzin Zepp Live Tour.
    Sorry I can’t recall which fan page on Facebook I happened to read the article. Would appreciate it if someone could share the link here, or better still, those who attended the Tokyo Zepp Tour to share their fan accounts here, and tell us what he actually said about his new drama.

    • Marissa..we have to wait for the fan acoounts of the ZEPP tour..for he still has some shows to go and the eels who attended don’t want to spoil it all for others..after that I guess our Tenshi, our trusted eel who was one of the attendee will share her story..
      I can’t wait : )

  9. Our Prince is a pioneer who will walk his own path no matter what critics may say to him, after all it is his life, who are they to say it is wrong or right.. haters can easily judge a person by its cover without even observing & knowing the real truth… I may also apply this to his recent drama.. They didn’t even try to watch this despite the good plot…great writer, director and casts. They might ignore his drama in Korea but not to other countries just like what happened to Love Rain’s success outside Korea… One thing I am sure of, they cannot put down this man who’s talent is immeasurable… His transparency & his strong determination will be his bridge to reach his goal. I do believe that someday his fellow countrymen will be proud of him as well. We, as an Eel will always be here for him no matter what… He is our inspiration & we are the source of his strength…

  10. what connect drama fan with him is his talent and what connect fan with him is his sincerity (which is a part of his personality). its a shame if everything is judge from the surface(i mean his appearance).haha..i try to be a writer..but i have no talent.kkk..

    this article is the best critics so far about bel ami, jang keun suk and eels. maybe he/she already traped after this article done.

  11. it’s nice to read an enlightening article like this one that discusses bel ami objectively…and jks too. i am sad for jks because the koreans do not watch bel ami. i think it may be because the plot is an unusual one…i agree with what the non-eel writer said,it is not the usual prince and cinderella story …it is really unpredictable but it is realistic and gives great life lessons…it has depth and shows how dokgo character changes for the better as time passes…i really admire jks for choosing this drama…it shows his depth of character..he knows people may not like it but told eels to just enjoy the drama..jks is a star who wants to shine in his own way and has his own mind…let’s enjoy what he prepared for us…

  12. Thank you for this article! It nice to read a positive & objective article about JKS & BM. I love this drama because it is different from the typical dramas out there. JKS keep fighting and stay strong! You are loved by your fans all over the world!!! Zikzin!

  13. Very insightful and empathetic review. When I saw Pretty Man and later read that JKS said he felt that the character he played in this was his real self (at the time – our JKS is every growing and progressing) I realized that that must be why I enjoyed this unusual drama so much. It also made me respect his choices even more.


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