[News] ‘Beautiful Man’ ranked 9th on CPI 2013 ranking despite only 4 episodes’ airing

Original source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131223n14807

2013 Contents Power Index (CPI) ranking (measurement period from January to November) was reported using the measurement jointly-developed by rating company Nielsen Korea and CJ E&M. CPI was developed to measure how much each TV program has an influence or a value, based on viewers’ behaviors in a changing media environment. CPI is calculated using newsworthiness rate (ranking of the news subscription), participation rate (direct searching ranking), enthusiasm rate (SNS) and so on. Even though only 4 episodes of ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ was broadcast during the measurement period, it ranked No.9! How awesome, isn’t it!

* Top10 Entertainment TV programs having highest CPI in 2013:
No.1 – Drama ‘Reply 1994’ (tvN): 305.3 points
No.2 – Drama ‘The Heirs’ (SBS): 296.4 points
No.3 – Drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’ (SBS): 276.9 points
No.4 – Drama ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’ (SBS): 273.5 points
No.5 – Drama ‘Gu Family Book’ (MBC): 253.1 points
No.6 – Variety Show ‘Noonas Over Flowers’ (tvN): 251.8 points
No.7 – Drama ‘Master’s Sun’ (SBS): 251.8 points
No.8 – Drama ‘School 2013’ (KBS2): 246.7 points
No.9 – Drama ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ (KBS2): 244.1 points
No.10 – Drama “God Of The Workplace’ (KBS2): 243.5 points

14 thoughts on “[News] ‘Beautiful Man’ ranked 9th on CPI 2013 ranking despite only 4 episodes’ airing”

  1. hurray for BM!! The timing is really off if we had the whole drama judged it would be #1!! Congrats to the hardworking staff, prod team and all the actors! BM fightin’!! thanks for sharing Tenshi! ❤

  2. The truth comes to light as the oil comes on the water surface … Even though many do not recognize this, Beautiful Man is the a series that will remain in the minds and souls of all those who have watched it. We want what is the best for BM and team of actors and filmmakers, but especially for our JKS. Thank you all for your hard work. You are the best!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow…despite …is that really the word they used in the title of this article?
    If so…it really shoke up up the E bizz…
    Wow….I don’t really know the other drama’s…just know the heirs because of my daughter and the ever ongoing competition and bashing from the other fans…but…yeah..I love this news…DESPITE there was not so much advertisement and promotion done for BM and most people are against it already because of the name of Jang Keun Suk….yeah wow..ZIKZIN
    And we got a example of how the media works…I just went to the soompi site because someone posted a link with the same news about BM…and the first thing that popped up was…lmh got more Question ask than JKS… I thought really people…and the post of one eel that had a conversation with a Korean about the pigsituation of Sukkie and the very corrupted E- bizz came to mind…They failec to mention the numbers of his Arena tour but mention just 2500 for his unplugged zepp concerts…not his 15,5 million followers on Weibo….and by the time he has tkme to dance on the Great Wall he can also buy a house because it’s than 20 mil….and all with little or no promotion…this is really JANG KEUN SUK’s greatness….I understand they fear but also resent him a lot….but it’s difficult to put a good man down…

    • Mamacri, that is why many are lead wrongly with numbers ^_^.. When Suk had 3 millions Weibo followers last year, the number of questions asked was about 300,000.. and he replied 56 questions in 1 hour … (lol! if I use ratio, 56 out of 300,000 is definitely a higher yield for question asked and also 300,000 out of 3 million Weibo followers then is 10%, sure is amazing!) Even if only 56 questions asked and if he replied 56 in 1 hour, the 56 eels would be happy then the half a million fans….kekeke… I always laugh over his replies more than the questions asked.. here is a vid of the 2012 Sina Weibo 1-hour interview for eels who have not seen before. enjoy the Q&A rather than the numbers..

      • Yeah, I do not worry about this… All he has to do is have another Weibo Q & A session, and I bet he’ll take his crown back!!! It was around 10% before, but if it’s even 5%, it’s still gonna be around 750,000!!!


  4. Besides the rating in Korea, I understand it is over 23 millions viewers on China drama site just for first 4 eps.. this is really amazing too ^_^
    Recently I asked my sis about ep 9 and 10 for Bel Ami.. she told me she has not watched yet as she normally watched every popular drama over mobile or internet.. and she would update me the latest drama like Master Sun and Heirs.. but why she have not watched Bel Ami yet… then her answers “for Jang Keun Suk’s dramas, I need to download all after the whole drama complete as others I can watch weekly but for his drama, I will chase one episode after another and I can’t wait weekly!”

    • I so understands your sister… I die every time when the two episodes are over and we have to wait for a week, if I was able to hold myself I would have done the same thing…but I can’t…. BM is a wonderful wonderful wonderful drama!!!!!

  5. Congrats JKS and PM team, u guys did great. for me PM is the best. Gonna watch over and over again… hope to be shown in the Philippines soonest. That’s my wish talaga. Am truly JKS loyal fan. We are many here in the Philippines who super admire JKS. Super talented. Idol <3


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