[20.12.2013] CRI-J twitter

[Beautiful Man support] Today’s lunch was sponsored by ‘LOVE JKS-TEAM 絆(kizuna)’. Sweets and cakes for Actor Jang and Samgyetang for all the shooting staff!
[예쁜남자서포트] 오늘 점심은 ‘LOVE JKS-TEAM絆’ 에서 촬영 전 스텝 삼계탕과 장배우님 간식& 케잌을 서포트하였습니다!

[Beautiful Man support] For Today’s supper, snack car was sponsored by ‘Keun-chan commu’!
[예쁜남자서포트] 오늘 저녁은 ‘근짱코뮤’에서 간식차를 서포트하였습니다!

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  1. Just in case they are reading this blog as well I want to thank all the teams who have done food support for Sukkie and staff. I know however simple it may seem to others out of our circle, but it is the most eels can do to show our love for Sukkie. thank you and please do not get tired of expressing the love. Sukkie – BM fightin’! thanks for sharing tensi! ^^


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