[article] Jang Keun Suk Effect, KBS’s “Beautiful Man” Signed Contracts for Copyright with 8 Countries

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Translated from Sukbar’s Chinese translation
Translated by Springsuk_USA

KBS 2TV Drama “Beautiful Man” stars with Asia Prince JKS has got copyright contracts from 8 countries.

Dec 11, the “Beautiful Man” producer said they have got from copyright orders from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippine 8 countries/areas. Japan and China even before the drama debut had already interested in buying. After the drama started to show, it has gained lots of interest from all over the world. So except these countries, some other countries are also undergoing copyright contract signing.

For “Beautiful Man” the reaction from Korea and overseas is totally different. In Korea, the viewer rating only 5% but overseas market just because it is labeled with Jang Keun Suk’s name so the drama is so welcomed. Group 8, the drama production company said: “Before the première, some overseas contract proposal have come already, during signing, they don’t care about the rating in Korea. Because of Hallyu star Jang Keun Suk’s power has brought overseas copyright contracts. Drama You’re Beautiful (2009), Love Rain (2012) and movie You’re My Pet (2011) etc all had great overseas responses. So naturally, they will also looking forward to this drama.”

In fact, Jang Keun Suk’s drama in Korea normally the ratings are all single digit, but since he has huge fan numbers in Asia so overseas sales are always good. Before, drama You are Beautiful was shown on China biggest TV channel CCTV, Thailand BBTV, Philippine GMA, Singapore MATV all have gained great viewers responses. Love Rain also before it was broadcasted it has sold with record high 9000 million won by Japan, which shocked the show business industry. So this time, people are also wondering what price will rise up for “Beautiful Man”.

(Note: according to Philippine eel, You’re Beautiful was shown on ABS-CBN network not GMA)

32 thoughts on “[article] Jang Keun Suk Effect, KBS’s “Beautiful Man” Signed Contracts for Copyright with 8 Countries”

  1. And that is without South America, Europe and Middle East! I’m thinking the number will be rather around 16 – 17 countries or maybe even more 🙂

    Who cares if Korea can’t appreciate a good thing! The others, less judgmental, if I may say, do recognize a quality 🙂

    Peace out!

  2. WOW!!!!!! Awesome! This is it…that’s why I never doubted of this drama from the very start. YILINI, to those who did not watch it, they will not be able to savor a real masterpiece. What I wish is for Sukkie to be nominated to international drama award category, and Bel Ami like a Betty La Fea drama to have remake as a franchise. Zikzin Sukkie/ Dokgo Mate.

  3. So happy to hear this! Asia Prince… oh no, World Prince Jang Keun Suk! It’s not only about JKS though that I’ve been faithfully following this drama, it’s because it’s indeed one of the best Korean dramas I have watched so far :). BM hwaiting!

  4. And Tree J tweeted about this special program for 120 minutes that KBS2 will air this coming Sunday, Dec. 15. If I’m not mistaken this is the first time that KBS has made a special program on drama that has single digit ratings, usually they will do it on a drama that is a hit in ratings in Korea, but this time again our Prince’s Sukkie is an exemption! As IU said Jang Keun Suk is pretty enough to change the history, and he is really making a mark in the history of Korean dramas. Sukkie more power! And thank you to eels who have given so much love & support to our star! I can’t thank you all enough. 🙂

  5. I’m so happy to hear that they are already signing contracts to show Beautiful Man in 8 countries & many more to come! JKS is very well appreciated all over the world for his talent, charisma, his lovely smile and of course for the way he is with his fans. He truly cares and appreciates his fans. I love all his work and truly appreciate and love him!!!! This is the first time I have ever put so much focus on an artist…because I believe in him and the work that he does. I saw some behind the scenes of You’re Beautiful ( just reminiscing ), it was one serious scene…JKS is the real deal. He is to me a really great actor of his generation.

  6. The power of Jang Keun Suk. I know Sukkie doesn’t make a wrong choice. I watching until episode 8 now and I can see the many layers of Dokgo Mate character. He done a amazing job in convey this character.

    I’m so happy to heard that they appreciate his drama and acting. Actually the Korea media and critics love this drama too only the Korean view still cannot except the concept of the drama. Imagine man learning all those lesson from women instead of the other way around. Jang Keun Suk is always the leader of everything, like he said lets ZIKZIN ahead.

    Congratulation Jang Keun Suk. I know you make a right decision. Love you always.

  7. *woot woot!*
    Bel Ami has a great story line. And to add to its advantage is that the casts also are very brilliant in portraying their characters. Jang Keun Suk is a formidable actor that brings out colour in each episodes. He makes me laughed & cried with him, feeling his actual emotions along the storyline. Eventhough Bel Ami didn’t fetched decent ratings in Korea, who cares. Actor Jang, you have the world to back you up. Keep Zikzining to the world, don’t give up on your dreams! Zikzin!

  8. I have watched episodes 1 to 7 so far and i have to compliment its compelling script and top-shelf cast . Am actually planning to read the manhwa as i am so drawn to the plot and characters .

    To eels Bm is like a present. To non-eels, if they take a shot and watch it, Bm would be like a piece of jewel hidden in hay! They will probably enjoy it very much and make a mental note like “how come the viewership does not commensurate with the quality of the show?? This is like the best of its genre…”and then they will google Jks like crazy. Last thing they know is their turning into eels! Nice plan Jks!!

  9. i think BM is the best drama for suk already. even DM maybe wont win over HTK image..i have to say the story line is better than YAB..and im sure this drama will appeal more to non-eels. hope he will get more eels after this drama and of course male eels.kkkk..

  10. BM rating in Korean hmmm I already expected that but not in the point to the level of below 3% I couldn’t believe it wellno matterwhat we keep on fighting for , we could do nothing for Korean rating unless we international eels live in Korea to give our all out support , but I don’t care even it reach in 0% because that’s only from Korea ,what I am greatful and happy that 8 countries buy this bm copy rights it means they believe that this bm will be top 1 drama of they’re countries and they believe the talent and capabilities of jks wow! 8 countries out of 1 well definately I am very happy for this , though its really hurt for sukkie self but I hope this things well never affect himself, he must looking his fans out of his own countries who definately open arms to let him in they’re hearts,someday somehow his own country men will accept who really sukkie

  11. Jazzy I’m sorry of being different.

    In fact, I do care, I do really care.

    Let’s say a homeland is the same in term of ‘parent’. Basically, when the children got achievements, all they want is their parents to be proud and appreciate their hard works. The children might have their extended family members show the appreciation clearly. However, in the end what they need is just to be ‘the apple of their parents’ eyes’. Being and remain as the beloved children though they have flaws.

    What I am thinking right now, the parents once have ever hurt their children heart. Later, the parents knew that it was just their own misunderstanding but they could not easily say the apologies due to many factors (ex: age difference). As a result, they are still stiff – if I could say strong headed – and try to hold on their own belief longer at this moment.

    What I am saying is, us have to believe that no matter how long it will take, he wil gain back the homeland attention, appreciation, and recognition. Sure enough, those things are big and mean a lot for him.
    Perhaps the analogy sounds weird, sorry. and hope it makes sense.

    thank you

    • i do agree with your analogy. i think that’s why suk always play a role like HTK,KMG and SJ.did u noticed the similarities? he’s always being neglected by her mom. i believe he want to show something to us frm his roles..the scenes when he had argument with his moms always left a deep impression on me.maybe that’s how he really feel when he being ignore by his own countryman..

    • BRAVO!!! Great news!!!

      I am sooo proud and happy reading that many countries find Beautiful Man good and interesting enough drama for them to obtain copyright of it. I was worried that other countries would treat national low rating drama as “trash”, therefore, not worthy to purchase. I’m sooooo super glad someones, outside of Korea, see the potential of Beautiful Man. REALLY!!! Beautiful Man is such a well and good production drama……all the actors and actresses did very WELL portraying their roles. I am THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all the countries for obtaining the copyright of MB. You won’t regret your choice ….. I’m 100% sure!!!!

      YESSS….every time, when talking about Sukkie’s dramaTV rating in Korea, my chest is squeezing tightly with pain. My heart is breaking in pieces knowing that Sukkie doesn’t get much love in his own country. I cried bucket for him!!! I keep saying that someday Koean people would come to respect and admire Sukkie…..keep telling myself to think positive, and keep telling myself that TV rating does not matter.

      Then I saw the BM rating, at 2%..!! WHAT..??!!! Don’t tell me only about 20 households out of 3000K households were watching Beautiful Man. I know for SURE he has more than 20 households of Korean EELs. That’s why….. I couldn’t find any logic to how this thing could happen, no matter how hard I analyzed it. That’s why….. I found BM rating is a mockery to the good production company, the producers, and to all the actors and actresses in the drama….not only to the leading actor and actress..!!

      When I first saw the rating number, I cried for him until my heart felt numb, my eyes dried up and my confidence and positive attitude crumbled down. Yeah….that was true!! My heart was in pain because I felt ACTOR Jang Keun Suk is being abandoned and betrayed by his own mother, Korea.

      I cried for him, for his longing to be respected and recognized by his people. Even though, Sukkie has many Koreans eels who love him, always stay by his side thru his up and down…..but Jang Keun Suk still needs to win the majority hearts of Korea, for his Dramas or movies to be successful there.

      Yeahh…I fully know that there are some of his beloved and loyal Korean eels, who are always with him thru his up and down and always supported him in every ways that they could…. but some eels are not enough to sustain status of ACTOR Jang in Korea. Even though, Jang Keun Suk always told his EELs that he is NOT affected by Korea treatment of him, somehow, I always feel him exhausted and defeated about his situation in Korea, sometimes ……. No No No… Please don’t ever give up, Sukkie!!!!

      Personally, sometimes no matter how many millions people are praying you, there is nothing make one heart grow prouder and prideful then when a person receives just a simple praise of “well done” and an affection from own mother or parent. Oh yeahhhh…own parent blessing is BEST motivation for a child to aim in conquering the world!!!!!

  12. Sisters, I was thinking very much and found another anology – nobody is a prophet in his own country. I just imagined some star from my country to be a greater star in another countries – he will be eaten alive here!
    Also in Korea people prefer to give credits to the team work – ia a drama the cast and the crew are more important than one of the actors. And what happens when is all opposite – when for the fans the actor is the only thing that matters?
    Who will work with such person risking to be remembered omly as a supporting lead or “that one with JGS”? I would say only friends and brave people. The public expects rules to be followed and when there is everyday challange, they just turn their backs. Bul we still love him!

  13. this is great news…. this is the natural outcome that we expect from JKS dramas…yes his dramas are not so popular in Korea but who cares!!!! as long as he have millions of fans who supports him overseas then that’s enough… my guess is thst in time Koreans will see what they have missed… a great person and a great actor…. at least from what I see Korean media are fully supporting him and that’s a start… go go JKS we are rooting for you ^^

  14. No matter what, he is amazing! He seems to grow as an actor with each role, and brings that JKS style. He is charming, hilarious, and serious. The show is mesmerizing to watch and his fan base grows everyday. So CHEERS to our beloved Sukkie!!! Eel4 ever!!

  15. jang is a very versatile actor…bel ami shows this..he makes us laugh and cry..he can be serious..he can be playful and full of life…we eels can feel his emotions strongly … the drama itself is not an empty, goody goody drama but has a lot of lessons to be learned…everyone should watch it with an open mind and appreciate it..i really admire jks for choosing bel ami even if it has an unconventional storyline…jks fighting!

  16. I would say not all heroes are popular in his homeland. Why, there is something in that person that is so unique and cannot be compromised. Sukkie has that attitude not to compromised with what he believes, and his countrymen misunderstood it as being disobedient rather than categorizing it as an innate capacity of a person to know his own strength. And what does it mean he will always shine even more to people who have strong character to identify their own strength and know how to divert their weakness into something positive. I always believe successful people are those who are confident enough to say his/her potential. Hope everybody have noticed that Sukkie’s real followers and those stayed by his side are the intellectuals and have accomplished people in their respective fields, what does it mean, they belong to upper scale of demographics with regards to their economic status. And we have to consider who are the clients of this survey? A sample of 3000 -4000 individuals. And they are those who belong to demographics having average or below average income. And we should not forget this demographics of the society discriminate, rich and intellectual people who have the confidence to speak up their ideas. And unfortunately these are the kind of people who hate much our JKS. That is why I do not believe on those rating games.

    • Sis, I also don’t believe in the rating system. Have u watched ep 8? the best ep so far. I am so amazed by all characters, even Bo Tong’s mom. I really love Ma Te’s hairstyle here. smart, handsome and sexy. Bel Ami daebakkkk

      • Yes Sis, I watched it already. Episode 8 is the best among the previous. All the cast did their best. Its really amazing. And this episode showed the most handsome Dokgo Mate. I love his style from the hair, to the wardrobe and the shoes.

  17. A great news indeed that the copyright is sold off to 8 asia countries and more to come 🙂
    International eels are feeling unfair of the rating system in korea system and every one that watch Bel Ami know that it deserve to be on the top. The casts and the story line of Bel Ami is top notch.

  18. I am loving every minute of BM!! Besides his good looks, JKS is such a great actor. I laugh with him (and at him heehee) and cry with him. I really hope this won’t be his last….. Can’t wait for Wednesday every week 🙂


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