[13.12.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

Note: These midnight tweets are warning from him to saesang fans.

Yes.. you’re cockroach (means a saesang).
그렇지..네가 바퀘벌레지.

Any ideas who is this person wearing a wig..?
Even I report her to the police both in Korea and Japan, she doesn’t feel guilty.

가발 쓴 이 아이의 정체는 뭘까요.. 한국에서 일본에서 경찰에 신고해도 자기는 죄책감을 모름


Whoa!! This is exactly! Happy new year~
우와!! 이거 진짜 맜겠다!신넨아게~

Because I don’t want to regret~, I don’t hold back.
こうかいはしたくないから~ がまんをだけをするんじゃない

tenshi_akuma’s note: Please make sure again, stalking him everywhere is not a fan’s behaviour. Please respect and protect his privacy. We never call them eels. It’s totally different from genuine eels.

20 thoughts on “[13.12.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. He must be really angry to post her pic in public! Hope these crazy fans know their limits and stop causing harm to all artistes. There’s so much in life that they can pursue instead of wasting their time, money and energy doings these stupid things…

  2. When I first saw him tweeting the pics of this girl (?!) I thought she (?) was an undercover reporter who stalked him and cause him troubles. But apparently she (?) is a sasaeng :(. Some people can be really out of their mind… We all love him but to me personally I will never do things which will make him uncomfortable. I myself don’t like strangers randomly touching me, so it’s really understandable if JKS certainly will feel the same way although as a star he somehow needs to interact with fans whom he never knows personally. Anyway, hopefully this incident won’t happen again.

  3. thanks for the translation, with this messages yesterday we’re very confused, now understand your anger and we respect that.

  4. O-o, she must have done something really bad to piss him off like this! I do kinda feel bad for that person because she obviously has some psychological issues 🙁

    Peace out!

  5. To saesang fans out there, stop doing what you do. Have some dignity to start living your life and stop causing so much trouble to others. Have some respect! If I am JKS, I would do the same thing. If you love JKS the way eels do, you won’t do things that would makes him unhappy and probably put his life in danger or jeopardised his works.. JKS is a human too, he has his rights. His privacy is off limits unless he himself decided to share it with us. Aigooo…why does this common basic things are so hard to be understood by some people… Hope this incident won’t happen to JKS again in future…

  6. Having difficulty deciding if this should be shared, but Meldinaz is right. Saesang actions reflect badly on fans who have the well being of the artist at heart. All celebrities have a right to their privacy too. Unfortunately they are by definition of the term saesang not stable. And sharing just makes them more likely to do more. I want to repeat this. Aigo…why is privacy so hard for some people to respect?

  7. She cross the boundary of being a fans, she is causing harm to him and we hope he be more careful so that he’ll be safe. It’s good that he takes the initiative to report her to the police.

  8. In this case it has really gone too far to the extend of infringing on privacy. I know JKS typically loves to be with his eels but when it causes danger (eg car chasing) or inconvenience to others (BM filming stopped), he has every right to be upset and this is his way of reminding sasaeng he really dislike such actions and serves as a reminder to all eels to be sensible and respect our prince as how we would like to be treated as individual

  9. What happened? Jks sounds very angry here. Is she stalking him? Since jks loves to be followed in general, perhaps this lady is getting out of line here. Is she just a saesang ? Or a paparazzi ? I don’t think any fan will wanna pursue any idol if that idol hates him or her doing that. Hope she will stop doing this…

  10. BM stop filming, what is going on here, can someone gives some detail of the incident?please!! I am worry for Suk and upset that he was so upset and angry

  11. omg what literally happen? I tried to find online but i cant get the full story. is there any kind soul out there can update me on whats going on. poor sukkie he sounds so annoyed and angry. this person must had done something really overboard that annoyed him this much.


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