[12.12.2013] Jang Keun Suk’s Weibo

So handsome!!!
@张根硕: 멋있다…

I’m walking, alone.. this is great, the freedom…!!
在走路 一个人..太棒了这种自由..!! (翻译:颖)
@张根硕 : 걷고 있다 혼자.. 너무 좋아 이런 자유..!!
But…no one recognize me..ahh this life..
但是…谁都没认出来..这人生真是.. (翻译:颖)
@张根硕: 근데… 아무도 못알아 본다.. 이런 씨 인생 참..

15 thoughts on “[12.12.2013] Jang Keun Suk’s Weibo”

  1. Yeah, no one recognizes you when you’re hiding in the back alley where there’s no people! Hahahahaha

    Always a joker!

    Quit moping, pull yourself together and ZikZin!!! Show them the unstoppable power of JKS!

    • Haha..You’re totally right…And even if a person is unfamiliar with kdrama or kpop, i bet they will still give him a second/3rd glance…He is such a looker that it would be difficult not to notice him..

  2. I hope the young boy in him never fades, the one always seeking an escape, adventure and freedom- yet always eager to connect with the important people. thanks for sharing this!

  3. Our fashionable prince…he has a white fur hat on his head..
    Such a joker…sitting in a quiet backstreet “moping” YILINI…..LOL
    He enjoys the silence immensely kkk

  4. omg omg omg i just heard that pretty man ratings is a very low low 2.9 % omg i think kbs will cancel it :((((((((((((((((((( my poor prince ?!!1 he doesn’t deserves this :(((((((((((((

    • No worries, Randa… KBS won’t cancel it. 8 countries have confirmed to buy the broadcast copyright and now KBS is even doing a re-run of Eps 1-8 :). You can check the latest info about the re-run on Tree-J Company’s twitter :). Rating is none other than preference of 3000 households… not significant for the global viewership that they have to give up on a potential show 🙂

      • Well said noonaeel. I am not gonna pay heed to the results obtained from a laughably small sample size. Who cares about the preference and choices of 2000 to 3000 households while you know there is some good drama in store? If you have watched it ( and i trust that you have) you would know this is good. At least as good as yab. Just enjoy it.

      • I’m sure they won’t cancel this…for there a millions of hit from the chinese eels alone…not counting the rest of the world who have problems connecting to it…even KBS world who has the english sub version is a problem for a lot of countries
        The so called ratings where everybody is so hung up to and talk about is so “outdated” and holds no true at all…
        BM goes side by side with drama’s like Heirs which has a very well loved cast by the Koreans and was greatly promoted worldwide so….
        I’m sure BM is a very beneficial drama for everyone involved..
        For me really the best drama for a very long time..

  5. Jks is so funny ! How would anyone one recognize him when there is nobody in the alley to start with? Kkk. But totally agree with you sis zel . He stands out so much that he is impossible to miss.


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