[10.12.2013] Tree-J twitter

The first day of Tokyo performance.
도쿄 공연 첫째날입니다.

The first day of Tokyo performance was over. Working on no sleep shooting, Actor Jang went ahead with the performance! You are great~!!!
도쿄 첫째날 공연이 끝났습니다. 밤샘촬영 후 공연을 강행한 장배우! 수고했어요~!!!

7 thoughts on “[10.12.2013] Tree-J twitter”

  1. Sukkie is such a professional, not all artists can work as much as this boy. i’m so inspired! thank you for sharing! Sukkie fightin’!

  2. Oh my goodness, look at his eyes its really red. But he still looking so handsome. Sukkie please take an early good night rest & don’t forget to eat your dinner. Zikzin!!!

  3. This boy is GREAT!!!

    But he looks like he needs a bathtub full of ginseng….
    maybe time for mama Jang to catch a chicken and make him a good old fashion Samgyetang
    Reminds me of MSOAN…where Mae Ri showed him her love by making a soup

  4. take care of yourself Suukie! your eels will be very sad if you’ll get sick! we are always here to support you all the way! Zikzin Oppa!


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