19 thoughts on “[Pics] Jang Keun Suk’s Hair Style Change in Drama “Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)””

  1. Wow…beautiful change…This man is really really handsome; he is truely a chameleon…
    In less than a month and not even halfway the drama he already presented us with so many hairstyles with matching looks and acting to go..

  2. Jang Keun Suk is blessed with natural handsome face, there is no hairstyle that will not look good on that pretty face.

    Still so many antis would complain about it, but they never complain about if other actors are stuck with the same boooring cut start with the first scene up to the last. Really annoying…

      • Why I should I care with those antis anyway? YILINI!…kkk

        Whatever those antis will be saying, Jang Keun Suk is always rich, tall, handsome, intelligent, and multi-talented artist.

        Mamaci Ciao!

      • Me too, Daryl, I couldn’t be bothered with antis, and even those who bash his female co-star. What matters most to me is Keun Suk is doing a great job in his drama which gives me so much joy, fun and laughter. Btw, he looks good with short hair 🙂

    • Could you please those people acknowledge the hard work, dedication to every role that Jang Keun Suk has put heart & soul for every character that he plays. Sorry guys just getting out my frustration…

      Love you Keun Suk…

  3. How on earth can he nail both short and long hair?? He looks so good and drizzling in any hair style. For real he is so versatile. Wow his hair is changed so often! I dont recall watching any tv drama in which the actor will change his hair so often.

  4. He has got the whole package, hair, looks, intelligence, PERSONALITY, ………………..and lets not forget superb ACTING ability!!!!

  5. Rocker look, Punk look, Apple like, Samurai look, Dirty sweaty look, clean shaven look, skin head….whatever style, this Korean son is awesome. Baby smile, devilish smile, sadistic, masculine, feminine, vain, cruel look, bright eyes, crying eyes, seductive eyes, piercing eyes, they are all killing, oh boy! I think we eels are all crazy. Do whatever you like, my Prince, you are born handsome.

    • O…Sudie…what are you doing to my poor old heart.YILINI..summing up all these distracting images…I still have to earn my living you know….LOL

      In a few hours I can feast my eyes again


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