[08.12.2013] CRI-J staff twitter

[Beautiful Man support] Tonight’s supper, a hotel-styled buffet was sponsored by ‘TEAM JKS ☆ JP’ for all the shooting staff!!
[예쁜남자 서포트] 오늘 저녁은 ‘ TEAM JKS ☆ JP ‘ 에서 촬영 전스텝에게 호텔식 부페를 서포트하였습니다!!

tenshi_akuma’s note: You can see some pics of this banner with JKS from here.

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  1. I wish our team/group ca do the same thing too… but we need to prioritize our fellow countrymen who’s victims of the past calamity in our country.. Daebak to all Eels all over the world… Thanks for sharing sis Sarah !!!


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