[04.12.2013] Tree-J twitter

[Relevant info about Cri-J 5th membership registration] We’ve got a lot of inquires about the official membership. Please try to log in with your new membership info as the photo show. You’ll see ‘Your application for the membership has been completed’ on the web page. Even though you haven’t received the confirmation e-mail, it’s OK if you see this message!
[크리제이 5기 회원가입 관련] 정회원 관련 문의가 많습니다. 사진처럼 신규회원정보로 로그인을 해보세요. 가입이 완료되었다는 페이지가 뜰거에요. 메일 인증을 못 받으셨어도 완료메세지가 뜨면 ok!!

If you see the following image, it means you’re already been the 5th official member. Your activity is valid from January 1st, 2014.
아래와 같은 이미지가 뜨면 5기 정회원 인증 완료 된 상태 입니다. 활동은 2014년 1월 1일부터 가능합니다

10 thoughts on “[04.12.2013] Tree-J twitter”

      • Don’t worry. It’s totally OK. Paypal is just a link.
        Did you change the language setting on the website? Did you see the message after you log in? I think you’ll see the message you’ve completed.

      • @tenshi_akuma – was this the message you were referring to?
        “xxxx ID’s are: xxxx sign a membership application is completed, been normal service from January 1, 2014, using also available.”
        because this is one shown on the Paypal box that I get when logging in ^^

      • @newb-eel: I got the same message. Guess we’re all good 😀

        @tenshi_akuma: Thank you for clarifying. ^o^

  1. … i have my id and i already received confirmation e-mail… but when i try to connect i see “아이디가 존재하지 않습니다” … i don’t remember my password… i don’t know what to do…

    • Oh okay i remerbered my password. Draft between my account and paypal is okay, but i still have Paypal box on that page but they say i’m succeful a new member of fan club … so i hope everything is okay ..^^

      • It says that it doesn’t recognize your ID. I get the same thing with mine too, and yes I got the confirmation email. I think we just have to wait until Jan 1st.

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