[Fan-made MV 1] Collections of ‘Beautiful Man’ Dokgo Mate’s habit of saying “일이니 (yi li ni)?”

Did you already notice Dokgo Mate’s habit of saying “일이니(yi li ni)?” Many eels started to use this funnily, putting at the end of any sentences. And an eel made the collection MVs! It’s hard to explain the meaning, but I will try. According to Koreans, this expression is used between close friends or for little kids. Mate uses this when he sees or hears unexpected or irritating situations. He says this “일이니(yi li ni)?” in response to such situations. It means something like, “Ha! That’s silly! (What the heck?)” In ZIKZIN Raido part 5, an eel asked about this “일이니(yi li ni)?” and Jang Keun Suk revealed that this was originally used by him. He used it ad-lib on the BM shooting set. Hearing the phrase, the director liked it, and now it’s officially(Lol) become Mate’s typical phrase. Needless to say, it’s also very popular in eels’ world : )

Credits: 티나

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  1. g Hahaha… I’ve watched all the 4 episodes but I haven’t notice his habit of saying “일이니?” Love his cute expressions…. Thanks sis Tenshi for sharing ^^

    • I heard the phrase “yi li ni” but I didn’t play attention to it. Wonder where my eyes glued to most of the times…..LOLLL

  2. I love it when he says that…only when he is with close friends like Bo Tong…
    He is so cute…and of course he made something major again…like ZIKZIN

      • sis,

        ZikZin, by all means, is Korean’s Word. Sukkie just happened to use it as his brand name. I love ZikZin word. I like its meanings even more..!!!

      • yes thank you Kailey, but it’s Sukkie’s term for all his promotion and events. •_• oh well to each his own.

      • I’m quite sure he’s not promoting Sukkie…as I recall he just said the word because he has to tell someone to go straight..and zikzin is a korean word for (going) straight…
        It’s not sound sour….but Sukkie always promoting others; he’s that generous…it’s seldom…let’s say never the other way around unless they are very very close to him or have nothing to do with management companies..

        But Sukkie is an originator…he introduce (new) things and makes them popular

  3. yes i’ve wondered what it meant since day 1. his facial expressions when he says this is so hilarious. Sukkie is such a trendsetter! super in love! ^^

  4. i like it..mate sounds cute with the lines.i noticed when i watch zikzin radio..he talked about dialect if im not mistaken.he said one of his staff use lelele..im not sure if its the same line..but suk make some normal word so attractive.kkkk…i love when he use the line in conversation with his friend when he call for help since he catch cold. so cute and hilarious.

  5. Lol. Like his character can’t believe everyone around him is as ridiculous as they really are? I’ll stick with my English equivalent though. Really, folks really?

  6. Well, I haven’t noticed it but it’s no wonder since I don’t know a single word in Korean… Except for ZikZin and Saranghae 🙂 Hehehehe

    So cute 🙂 Always the trend setter 🙂

  7. LOL I did notice he said that a lot it sounded funny but i had no idea what it meant cuz i don’t speak korean *sigh* its catchy though, its something that will stick with the fans for a while. Another great move Keun-chan

  8. ‘yi li ni’ has it’s sound symbolism of small, little, like sweetie, tiny weenie, wee in Scottish. You are superperb, yi li ni, Sukkie yi li ni.

  9. So, that’s the meaning of “yi li ni”…

    I noticed that on the first time he said that since he never used that word in any of his previous drama/movie..

    Sounds cute whenever he used that expression… 🙂

    Thanks for explaining sis.. 🙂


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