7 thoughts on “[Video] Beautiful Man, Jang Keun Suk donated 100 million won to Philippines”

    • Sometimes, it is advantageous to be low key. I am glad that he did this without any conditions and fanfare. He never visited the Philippines and some (or most) of his worst critics in various blogs are from the Philippines. He knows that, BUT, despite all that he gave and it is a big amount >$94,000. He did not auction his pre-loved clothes and shoes etc to raise the money. He got it from his own savings. It tells something of the man himself.

      It is so refreshing to know Sukkie at this level of his character. I really wish him good health for him and his parents. His Mom brought him up well.

      • Everything you said, I have noticed that too – his worst critics in various blogs are from the Philippines or Filipinos living in other countries (they say so themselves). Sometimes it hurts a lot reading their comments as though they know the heartbeat of Sukkie. YET, he ignored all of these.

        He’s not into “lip service” – no word from him at all about Typhoon Haiyan, no twitt (like saying “fighting Philippines”), not in line nor facebook. He saw the devastation, his heart was stirred, he dug into his savings, and gave generously (100 million korean won). He manifested it into action when his heart was stirred. (Mind, the news came out first from a Philippine newspaper Manila Bulletin)

        Honestly, I truly admire him for this because it speaks volume of the character of the man who receives mounting criticism from fans of other celebrities.

  1. Beauty is more than what meets the eyes :). Suk has always been like that. I’m glad that there are eels who can see deep down and love him regardless of other people’s bad mouthing 🙂

  2. Thank you for the kindness that you have shown upon my fellow country men. May GOD bless you <3 You're definitely my IDOL :)(Yeong-wonhi) Keep Safe OPPA 🙂


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