4 thoughts on “[Fan-made MV] Dokgo Ma-te’s art of seduction”

  1. HA!HA!HA!…Is an expert in the art of seduction. It is harder for the others to keep up. For women to resist him and for men do not remain totally on the autside !!!
    Look at him and acknowledge that I am right. Behave naturally because he was born talented, seductive, creative and full of energy. But it is not content with that. It’s too harsh, demanding and merciless with himself, always trying new things and working hard. Maybe that’s why it is not understood and appreciated only by those with an open mind and heart. All good thoughts to you, young man!

  2. omo! i think this vid will get longer as the episodes progress! the end result will be dangerous material – can kill! kkk! ^_^ BM fightin’!!


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