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NEWS : Jang Keun Suk donated 100 million won to Philippines. ‘Beautiful Man of pure heart’

뉴스 : 장근석 기부, 필리핀에 1억 원 전달 ‘마음도 예쁜 남자’

Jang Keun Suk’s intensive reading scripts cut, why it draws attention?
장근석 대본 집중컷’ 왜떴을까?

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  1. Thank you Sukkie – from the people of the Philippines.

    It warms our heart that you gave generously, and unconditionally, although you haven’t been to the Philippines. We’re not even sure how large your fan base is in my country. Regardless of all these, you just gave because you saw the massive need.

    From the children of the Philippines (mula sa mga kabataan sa Pilipinas)

    Maraming salamat sa inyong kabutihan at pag-ibig.


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