[article] Jang Keun-suk Donates 100 Million Won to the Philippines

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Editor’s note: There were questions about what exactly amount Jang Keun Suk’s donation to the Philippines, since in the Naver Star News there wasn’t exactly number but said hundred thousands won, here the Korean news says 100 million won.

Korean actor Jang Keun-suk has donated big for needy people in the Philippines.
Jang has donated 100 million Korean Won (approximately 94,509 US Dollars) to the Philippines through UNICEF, his promoter Y Tree Media said through a press release on Monday.
To repay enormous support from his fans around the world, he has decided to deliver the money for Filipino people who are suffering from Tropical Storm “Haiyan.”
The “You’re Beautiful” star has participated in various good deeds and donations to return support and affection he has been receiving. His fan club is also active in volunteer works to be inspired from Jang, Y Tree explained.
Meanwhile, Jang’s current TV series “Bel Ami” has been airing on KBS every Wednesday and Thursday 10 p.m. Korea time.
Reporter. Cory Lee

18 thoughts on “[article] Jang Keun-suk Donates 100 Million Won to the Philippines”

  1. Sukkie, I’m crying right now. I’m so touched of what you are doing. I have never thought you are this generous to the place where you have never have gone through, a place where very few people know you. Thank you so much! God will bless you more!

  2. I’m from the Philippines, thank you for your kindness and support, God Bless you!!! Wish you more success, happiness, good health in life…..

  3. Awwww… With this act of kindness and generous heart, I love him more and more.

    I am soooo happiness choosing him to be my STAR, sooo proud of him. I’ll love him and support him forever!!!!!

    • Peepz, we’re so close to winning this one! Don’t let The Heirs getting all the polls… Vote! Vote! Vote as many times as you can!

      Thank you 🙂

  4. KRW 100,000,000 = PHP 4,133,360

    Thank you Sukkie. That can provide for the education of many children in Leyte, Samar, Cebu, Aklan, Capiz, Northern Iloilo, and Palawan who were orphaned by Typhoon Haiyan.

  5. This is what truly makes him beautiful, not the pretty face!

    Hopefully, Korean people will see that sooner than later 🙂


  6. I am so touched… He truly has a big heart and knows how to give back, that’s why he is so much blessed. May it be given back to him a thousandfold.

  7. i’m so touched and cried for the kindness and generosity of my prince Sukkie. i’m so proud of being his eel. i so love him more. in behalf of my fellow filipino, i would like to thank him for the help he extended to us. i love you Sukkie and i will always support and be with you in your journey to be the World Prince……GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  8. Thank you so much for having such a kind heart! I am sure the people in the Philippines who are in need truly appreciates your kind and generous gesture. Fighting JKS. And I wish you happiness and good health always World Prince!!!

  9. thank you very much prince jks for your kindness ur such a big heart GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS and I pray for your success happiness in life and good health

  10. Thank you very much for being so generous to others especially those who are in need.
    I am very proud of you….I will always love you and pray for you. And may God will return your kindness with a thousand folds. Love you my Prince JKS!


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