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Originally the scene when she gets in the car with the 6 legs was not in the script, but I decided to have the legs in the front seat with me, hitting me in the face and the legs sticking out of the sunroof. LOL!!!

This is the one we were dithering over deleting because it was too cartoonish. Some were afraid Matae would mess up too early, but I insisted I should find out Matae’s way of eating Galbi. The galbi wasn’t cooked well, so I had some blood in my mouth. Later, I found out that I chewed not only the Galbi, but the inside of my mouth. Man~I have holes in my mouth~~

The first meeting of Beautiful Matae and Botong on a bus!!! But…… the bus itself seems to be the most beautiful in the scene because of the CG effects…. — frustrated..

If I had showed too much emotion from the beginning, the scene would have been too gloomy… After agonizing over it, I came to the conclusion that it would be ok if I held back some of my feelings for the next scene. It grieves me to see the scene even now.. Sob Sob..

Ahrrrr…. I should’ve rolled my shirt sleeves up………. but I had to wear my coat because it was so cold…. Damn coat…

[Pretty Man] Jang Keun Suk, Heartbreaking eye contact with Elec-Fairy.

This is it!!! This is a real~~~~~ romantic comedy. Watching my own acting, my heart is pounding~ thumping~

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    • Anna, All international eels are SAD about the rating, too, but we can’t help any thing. The TV Rating is all on Korean people’s hands. We can sream or yell or even cursing about it, but we cannot change a thing.

      That’s why most eels, rather than focus too much on TV rating, we focus our enery on supporting JKS and Beautiful Man ourselves in whatever way we can do. Some eels spread and promote Beautiful Man by commenting in various Websites how good Beautiful Drama is and refer them (non-eels) to try out… This method work or not work, but we feel that at least we can do something POSITIVE for JKS and the hard work prodcution crew.

      EELs, please don’t be despare or loss HOPE because of low rating!! If you are a TRUE Fans of JKS, this is the time you can show support and cheer your STAR up, so he can rise above the non-sense TV rating computing system!!!! I don’t know if it’s fair or even good method to value good drama or not. And most of all, just enjoy the drama as it is…no worrying or no thinking too much about anything!!!

      The strange thing is…..I never seem another countries have such a HUGE GAP between TV rating from the highest to the lowest like in Korea. What the heck?!!…How can they called it competion…..when one DRAMA is in 40%, 30% 20%…then 4% – 5% rating. This is totally Monopoly system, in my opinion!!!

      Any way, all I can say is that….Beautiful Man is really good production!! We just need spread and promote to many audiences outside of Korea…..I have confident once they watched it, they will like and enjoy the drama, if not love!!!

      • Yeah…Kailey..we must not keep thinking about the ratings but instead enjoy the drama…as Sukkie ask us to…
        This pig situation only confirmes something is not right…
        All newspapers are very positive about the drama so it’s not them..
        I know Beautiful Man will sell very very well outside Korea and it will be very populair so the gap between the low ratings in Korea and the popularity in the rest of the world does not make sense…
        (For some drama’s which have high ratings…a lot of netizens complain the drama is bad…so….)

  1. Everywhere are positive comments, however, the rating is low. So what is wrong? I don’t know how rating is calculated in Korea but I know that people around the world appreciate and the story and the cast of Beautiful man. And especially on the JKS.Perhaps some are fearful of explosive combination: nice + smart + talented. Maybe they are envious, or ignorant … It is their loss. That’s why I say let us enjoy every moment with JKS, truly Beautiful Man and wish them to be strong, healthy and confident in his abilities.
    In my country, Romania, is a saying: “Horses don’t die when they dogs!”.
    Only good thoughts.

    • Adriana…such nice saying…never heard of it…
      Guess it’s almost the same as ” what does not kill you makes you stronger”
      Yes..the same old pig situation…it’s a shame they are like that…makes me like them less and him more…

      • Adriana Mihaela, yes indeed real kdrama addicts and journalists responded positive to Bel Ami. I read in some forum that at first many were misguided by the KBS drama intro before airing but after watching they enjoyed many parts ( directing,plots, casts,acts, etc) of the drama so bad and cant wait to watch the next eps.

        About rating, I have no idea as well.Let’s just focus in supporting JGS,other casts, and crew to continue their great job.

  2. Hi!honestly i try be relaxed and not get angry beacause i try to be positive that korean will understand pretty man soon!
    But i really don’t understand why dont they recognize this good script,good acts…
    I really feel they dont have any sense in watching and recognizing good dramas….just feel sorry for them!(beacause of this i often feel jks likes to live in an other country,doesnt he??!!!)
    zik zin pretty man!i like this drama!no atter what others think!so just zik zin!

  3. It must be disheartening to the cast and crew of “Pretty Man” that the ratings in Korea are low. The reality is that the K-dramas have outgrown the borders of Korea. They are enjoyed worldwide. It is unfortunate that only Koreans are considered for ratings. Maybe Koreans enjoy different kind of stories or characters or actors. Each to their own. As for me, I am loving this drama and I can’t wait for the next episode. I hope JKS and other cast will continue doing the great job they are doing. There are so many of us who are loving this drama and are in awe of JKS’s portrayal of Ma Te.

    I was reading on Wikipedia that Love Rain averaged 5% rating in Korea. It made 115 Billion Wons in overseas sales. My question is, how do we judge the success of a drama? Should it be based only on the rating it receives in Korea or the total money it makes worldwide? Based on earnings (I am assuming Wikipedia information is accurate), I would say Love Rain is a huge success. It obviously made a lot of money for the producers and everyone connected with that drama and a huge worldwide audience loved it. I still watch Love Rain when I have time as I love that drama because of JKS acting.

    I only hope that the low rating of Pretty Man in Korea won’t affect the quality of future projects coming JKS’s way. That would be a huge loss to all of us who love his acting. I wish to keep seeing him in a lot of great dramas. So fortunate to have such a great, multi-talented artist living amongst us.

    All the best, Pretty Man!!!


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