[article] “Pretty Boy” Jang Geun-seok and IU busy, busy

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KBS 2TV drama “Pretty Boy” co-stars Jang Geun-seok and IU are busy preparing for their concerts.

Dokgo Mate and Kim Bo-tong from “Pretty Boy” are busy with concert schedules.

IU held a concert called “Modern Times” on the 23rd and 24th at the Kyeonghee University and is completing her tour on the 30th and 1st of December at the Busan KBS Hall. She hasn’t had much sleep or time with the drama schedule in between but she’s put much thought into the concert by changing the routines for the Busan concert.

Jang Geun-seok is holding a concert in Tokyo, Japan for four days. He successfully ended his Fukuoka and Sapporo concerts in October and this time it’s Tokyo with Osaka and Nagoya in January. This concert is an all live band concert which Jang Geun-seok has prepared for before and after his drama schedules.

Japanese fans can’t wait to see Jang Geun-seok and his new hairstyle which he cut for the first time after having long wavy hair for the last 4 years.

His agency claims he’s loaded to the top of his head with work, trying to manage between the drama and the concert but he’s happy about it and Japanese fans are also very interested in the drama.

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  1. oh poor them ?!! and all of that hard work and no one cares ?!!! stupid koreans ?!!! give them a break ?! dont worry my prince eels are with you . we will make your drama a huge hit on line . but i feel sorry for IU she seems weak , and i have the feeling that she is regretting her choice about this drama . but she fits the role perfectly , she is so cute and i hate how mate treats her, and also cant wait when he falls in love with bo tong and really wish they have a great kiss scene like love rain:)))))))))))))))))

    • Randa, I don’t think IU will regret to take part in Bel Ami. Through this drama, everybody recognize her acting talent, plus this is her one way ticket to popularity in Japan. JKS is a household name in Japan. I hope the best for all casts in Bel Ami. Keep fighting despite the low rating. Yes, I dislike koreans now, except JKS

      • yes i have the feelings that every actors in this drama even JGS knew that this drama will not become and hit in ratings but they still took this role cuz they new how famous JGS internationally and saw this drama as a very fast and good way to be famous in japan and asia through JGS 🙂 so i think BOTH IU saw this drama as a chance to be famous in japan and i think she will not have a problem with her japanese albums 🙂 and i think she may be really regretting her choice but the money and fame the will come to her in this drama will change her mind 🙂 not counting the all the presents that jgs and his fans are giving them so dont worry my dear sis randa and keep supporting PM )

      • OmO….so that’s one of the reasons why those Actors and Actresses signed in to Beautiful Man when they can predict the drama will not doing well in Korea. Woww…very BOLD and gutsy moves..!!!

        After watching thru 4 episode, even I put aside my LOVE and bias for JKS, this drama is soooo intense and good. I was litterally glue my eyes to computer screen from start to finish. (note: I never read the Manghwa before so I don’t know th storylines…therefore, every things happen in the drama are totally unpredictable to me). I am sooo hooked to know what’s going to happen next. How will Dokgo Mate transform from a JERK, un-admirable character, to a likeable nicer and wiser person, beside given plots that he will be sucess person at the end.

        And I am soooo surpised and please at the same time that all the female ACTRESSES in this drama have done such a good job. All characters: Bo Tong, the ellusive Hong Ru Young, the Iron Lady, the Electric fairy, Botong’s MOM and other female supportive casts….I love them all.

        This Drama is all about life lessons….. we, as human being, can see and hear experienced story of other people’s actions: good or bad, mistakes or triump experiences, but we cannot or never able to fully understand the impact and significant of our actions until we learn them ourselves, tru first hand experience. This is the one of Dokgo MaTe’s characters. MaTe must learn all those failures himself in order for him to become more mature and wiser person.

        I cannot say enough how much I love this unique drama!!!

        P.S. Many people complaint that there is soo little goovey, lovey Romance between MaTe and Bo Tong; therefore, they don’t find this drama interesting enough to watch it. O.O…excuse me, how many of those lovey, goovey dramas out there….thousands of them. Aren’t they tired of watching goovey love sick dramas all the time. Please, don’t hear me wrong, I am love those goovy love sick story too, but if I watch too many of them…I become bored..!!! I need to watch something different.

        I can think of two good example of a movie, Forest Scummp and Catch Me If You Can. Oh..lolly, these movies are not romantic love sick movies persay; therefore, I don’t like them even before watching them. Oh Lord Behold, after I watched them, these two movies become two of my favorite movies of all time.

        So if anyone can put asside what’s their usual favorites and try to watch somethings other than they favorite…..I am confident they will be surprise even themselves.

  2. Kailey, nicely said!!!

    As for the ratings, I still have my hopes! ‘Secret Love’ also had bad ratings for the first 5 episodes, as well, as a more substantial story (not your classic lovey goovey stuff) and it became a hit.

    My guess is that it takes more time for Korean people to warm up to a not-typical story lines…

    Stay positive and good things will come 🙂

  3. I love Jks but I don’t like his hairstyle. I do hope it will be changed to the same hairstyle during his B. V. days. I love that cut!

    • RANDA…not worth talking to these people…
      My daughter watch different drama’s as she is fan of any actor ….the mentioned drama is one of them and she keeps watching it now only because of the second lead…the rest is not worth it…the leads have only one or two expressions and are really boring
      Just keep voting..

      • I agree with you. My niece tried to watch the first episode because she likes PSH in YAB. But after finishing the first 3 parts of episode 1, she stopped because she finds the story line not interesting. Many times she is my barometer how good or bad the story line of the Kdrama that should be watched.

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