[Tree-J Notice] April Fools’ joke

===== Translation of Notice =====

Hi everyone, this is Tree-J.

In the midst of his busy schedule, actor Jang who is thinking of his eels has also prepared a surprise April Fools’ gift for everyone. Thanks to eels who have expressed their worry. Hope that in the spring of 2011, everyone will become happier together with actor Jang. Thank you.

JKS: “Eels, you can only look at me. cri~❤”

===== END =====

Chinese translation: KeunSukChina
English translation: Aphrael77
Credits: www.jangkeunsuk.co.kr

张根硕全球中文网:[公告]11.04.02[大惊喜!]张根硕官网最新弹出公告 原帖地址:http://t.cn/hBXYd3大家好.这是树公司.即使是在忙碌的日程中 想着鳗鱼们的张演员也给大家准备了突然的愚人节礼物 感谢为此担心的鳗鱼们 希望在2011年春天能和张演员一起更加幸福 谢谢 张根硕对白:鳗鱼们,只能看我cri~❤

8 thoughts on “[Tree-J Notice] April Fools’ joke”

    • agree with you.
      it’s really shocked me after read the post from Tree J that JKS is sick @@
      really worried and at last knew that it’s only a joke for his eels.


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