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Flashback, the first appearance of Beautiful Mate!! However… because of additional CG, the bus itself looks the most beautiful in the scene ㅡㅡ Piss me off

회상에서 아름답게 과거마테가 첫 등장!! 그러나…씨지넣어서 버스가 제일 예쁜 ㅡㅡ짱나

I was worried if I had expressed strong feeling too much from the beginning of the drama, it would have looked too gloomy, but I concluded if I showed reserved emotions in the next scene, it would be OK. It grieves me to see the scene even now. *sob sob

처음부터 너무 지나치게 감정을 표현하면 극이 너무 무거워질수있어 고민했는데 다음씬에서 절제된 감정이라면 충분히 될것 같다 판단함 다시봐도 슬프다 엉엉

Ah… If I had rolled up my shirt sleeves, it would have looked cool, but I was wearing a coat because od the cold…… Damn, the coat!

아 와이셔츠 소매를 걷었어야 끝장인데 추워서 코트때문에……망할코트

Night before the storm 7

[Beautiful Man] Jang Keun Suk, throbbing eye contact with Electric Fairy 20131128
This is exactly~~~~~ the charm of romantic comedy, isn’t it?
Even watching my own acting, my heart is pounding~ thumping~

[예쁜남자] 장근석, 일렉선녀와 설레는 아이컨텍20131128
로맨틱코메디는 바~~~~로 이 맛 아닙니까 내가 내 연기보고 심장이 바운~쓰 바운~쓰

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  1. What bus Sukkie…I have not seen a bus..for I was like Bo Tong staring at and drooling all over you…walking with that windswept hair..Aigoooooo…too much for our hearts…

    The way he looked the fairy in the eyes…O M G!!!
    He makes you feel like you are the only one in the world…LOL; what is still in store for us…another 12 episodes to go..
    I love this drama..Sukkie is everything I expected…
    IU plays a very good role too; she’s quite natural…but the fairy…I don’t know…what’s with her eyes??


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