[article] ‘Beautiful Man’ Jang Keun Suk said, “The biggest challenge is breaking my existing image”

Original source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131125n04197
English translation by Mandy Pan (Credit: Chinese Translation 绿小茶)

After Actor Jang cut his hair of 4 years, he shared his personal feeling of his encounter with 10 successful women, his 10 transformation and determination to show his inner energy as an actor in “Beautiful Man”.

In KBS2 TV’s new drama, “Beautiful Man”, the main character Dokgo Mate by Jang Keun Suk changed his style after 2 episodes. Compared to his longer hair combed upwards in the first 2 episodes, his shorter hair with curls ,one that is more sexy and handsome was revealed.

After a hiatus of 1 year from acting and having read more than a few dozens of scripts, Jang Keun Suk chose “Beautiful Man” as his comeback to TV drama and the main reason was that Dokgo Mate’s 3-dimensional character. Dokgo Mate undergoes changes with each encounter with those10 successful women and Jang Keun Suk decisively cut short his 4-year long hair which by then has felt like part of his body.

Jang Keun Suk said when he saw the title of the drama, he was prejudiced and worried that he would be trapped in his previous Flower Boy character. But after reading the script, he could feel the different dimensions of Dokgo and gradually formed a 3 Dimensional character..very charming. “Dokgo Mate is someone with detailed facial expression, gesture and temperament…a character that makes audience laughs.”

He added, “Flower boys cannot discard their pretense (mask), yet to break the stereotype flower-boy-image that the audience have of Jang Keun Suk, that’s my biggest issue.” “Wearing different masks is my goal as an actor, I believe Dokgo Mate is one such mask and I will do my utmost best to bring this character to life.”

Production team, Group8 person-in-charge expressed, “Jang Keun Suk cut his 4-year-old hair after listening to “Ta Ta Ta” by Kim Kook-Hwan*. As for this change (of image), he was filled with excitement, satisfaction, all kind of mixed feeling”. He praised “Jang Keun Suk is passionate and uniquely injected lots of positive energy during filming.” “Dokgo Mate’s encounter with 10 women is a story of him growing up. This is a TV drama that you can get many tips on becoming successful.”

*Ta Ta Ta by Kim Kook-Hwan – JKS shared this song with us previously, [14.11.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS Twitter

(The lyrics translated in English)
You don’t even know me
How would I ever know you?
No one knows an in front of them
It’s not fun to know at all
when the wind blows
You live with the wind
and when it rains, you live with the rain
that’s how it is

Eum ahhh heo heo

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    No reaction,no new horizon, no result when i send ,search ,try finding youand pray for my goal ….. But just a small light is gives me alive….your smile is my desier and i continue in darkness with yr love i tolerate all winds , my loneless because i trust in God and pray passing this test with ahope …..you are stay in the end ,, Thanks dear tenshi good job

    • LOLLL… this hair style is ECIeels’ favorite Ramen Noodle Bowl Soup style. We would laugh and giggle every time we see it.

      If this style is on some other person’s head, I would say…”Nahhhhh” too. Here, we are talking about JKS, after seeing his long overdue messy mop of hairs, he definitely ROCK this style..!!!

      • the hair… I do prefer his after the hair cut in Dispatch pics. He looked so much younger and attractive.

        Afterall the new style is for the drama character needs. When he’s in the char, he gives 110% of effort.

        Still, I wonder if he would like to try this style off the char.

  2. sis Mandy, thank you for translating this nice article.

    It’s very nice to know some reasons why Sukkie signed on Dokgo MaTe’s role. Just from watching only 2 episode……I am totally believe he made the right choice!!! Please, put aside the laughable Korea TV rating here. Pretty much to me, in Actor JKS’ world, eels can all ignore and forget about the rating thingy. If the general public of Korea don’t accept him, he can belong to the rest of the world then.

    I can now understand why Sukkie can’t let this role slip away. It’s all about timing and the challenge of acting in 10 characters and roles of being Dokgo Mate….O.O.. acting with 3D character, too.

    Where in the world, can one ACTOR has a chance to act out 10 characters in one drama?….. I would say very few and far in between. To be a great ACTOR, JKS must be able to cultivate many skills from acting in various characters and roles, and keep on improving himself from those experiences.

    As JKS stated, he is getter older and older every day……so pretty soon, the flower boy roles would not fit him anymore. After this role, he aims to act on more matured and heavy adult roles. Knowing JKS’ work ethnic and determination, I know he can do whatever he puts in mindset into.

  3. thanks for sharing…

    Our prince knows what he wants and work accordingly..
    He is right by saing beautiful people can’t help they are beautiful….it’s not a mask they can put on nor off…Even if he would choose to play a “ugly” man he can’t be one because we know him to be beautiful..unless he can convince us with his acting..
    Instead of that he concentrates on the characters when choosing his new work…as growing is his main purpose…
    JKS is one actor to be reckon with now and in the future…he will mature beautifully…
    I hope he keeps on acting good quality roles

  4. “After a hiatus of 1 year from acting and having read more than a few dozens of scripts, Jang Keun Suk chose “Beautiful Man” as his comeback to TV drama and the main reason was that Dokgo Mate’s 3-dimensional character”

    A few dozens of script, this is no joke. I ever read some comments in other blogs that Sukkie received no script after Love Rain, as all PDs are scared of him being a jinx for rating. I really hope I can share this article to them, but my bad, I forgot where those comments are from now. LOL

    Can’t wait to watch ep 3

    • Jessica, I think the reason why some misinterpreted is because they don’t know when Suk is joking to his eels (with his usual humor), they may take his words seriously ^_^
      I knew that he received many scripts after Love Rain as before but he is particular with choosing suitable scripts or roles which he likes.. In fact, he is always the first to be offered many drama scripts which are high rating drama in the end..

    • Jessica, I don’ believe those who made such comments. With his international status, I don’t think that big productions would not first consider Sukkie. Those negative people, would just want to pull him down. I remembered how they gave such bad comments when Suk donated to Hanyang University.

      • Yes, sis. I the more eels he gains, the more haters will follow. No matter what, eels have shown their power by breaking the record for quantity of rice wreath donated during press con. So, haters who said Sukkie has lost his popularity or YAB glory, eat that! The world is much bigger than Korea and their superficial mindset

    • i’m sorry but you are wrong. ^^
      Our Prince received many script after Love Rain, even received the opportunity to work on “Empress Ki” drama.

      • Sis Kelly, those comments bashing Sukkie were from others. I believe that Sukkie is the A list actor among his peers. I am just laughing at those antis comments, as when they read this article, they will have to chew their shoes.

  5. his new hairstyle is hilarious really… only jang can pull it off..and i really admire him for his willingness to experiment…am looking forward to other hairstyles he may adopt…such dedication to his craft..no matter what they say…for me jks is tops..for his anti fans watch Bel ami first before u comment …you may end up laughing and enjoying too


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