[24.11.2013] CRI-J staff twitter

[Drama Support] Following yesterday’s Korean eels lunch box support to actors and staff, today Arab eels support to serve Samgyetang for the staff before the filming.
The banner says: A warm greeting and wishes from the hearts of your Arab eels. Stay healthy, happy and never let anything get in your way. Fighting Our prince!

[드라마서포트] 어제 한국장어모임의 장배우님&트리현장스텝 도시락 서포트에 이어 오늘은 아랍장어님들이 드라마촬영 전스텝 삼계탕을 서포트합니다
tenshi_akuma’s note: This project was organized by Arab eels. Especially, one of the contributors is Saad, well-known as many Arabic translations, helpers to upload English subs for ZIKIZN Radio, and apparently one of the greatest ‘male’ eels in the world!
An eel named Hiba introduced this event as follows (translated by Lubna).

When you love a person, respect his work and appreciate his efforts in showing you the best of him; you try to show your gratitude to him face to face, but in some cases this might be impossible, that’s why you search among all the methods that can help you in order to deliver these emotions.
We Arab eels have done that!!! The idea started from a simple and warm feeling that we all felt at the same time when we saw how much our prince was happy and delighted by the delicious food that was sent to him by Cri-J; our enthusiasm to achieve this idea became bigger when we heard that his desire was to have Korean chicken soup “Samgyetang” ^^
His desire became our mission; we worked really hard to transform this idea from just a thought in our heads into a tangible thing, especially our wonderful Saad who was the coordinator and the link between us and Cri-J, who were very collaborative and supportive in a way that befits the official fan club of Asia prince, whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts, and to all Arab eels who contributed in this project we thank you.
It doesn’t matter how much we waited and strived to make this project see the light…. What matters is the joy and happiness we’re going to receive when this gift reaches our prince hands, where he will feel the love and support our gift holds within.
In a couple of hours our mission will be achieved…. Just thinking about this idea makes our hands shake and our hearts shiver. What we are experiencing now is a mix of amazing emotions that can’t be described by words…. We hope our prince will enjoy this small contribution from Arab eels.
Our promise to you is that Arab eels will always be there by your side.
Fighting and Jyo Zikzin.

11 thoughts on “[24.11.2013] CRI-J staff twitter”

  1. I’m sure it will be impossible in this life to show my gratitude and appreciation to him face to face, but being with good thoughts and heart beside him, watching and encouraging all his endeavor, I hope that I will be able to, even in small measure, to give him courage and support, to show gratitude and how much it means for some of us.I’ve discovered in a tough time of my life. I hear his voice when my daughter 24 years old watch a drama with him. I was impressed! Then I searched and I watched everything that I found on the net with or about him, dramas, movies, interviews, concerts … He helped me get over this difficult time and encouraged me and showed me that age does not matter when you have a dream fulfilled. I wish him health, strength, courage, trust in him, to appreciate the gift received at birth ( his talent) and continued to follow his dream, even though sometimes it will be more difficult. Let’s not forget that there are people around the world with good thoughts and soul near him. All good thoughts to him!

  2. very touching – glad to know there are so many in the world that love him – the korean will grow to love you one day, ZIKZIN!!! Geun Suk, when you feel down and depress, don’t forget, there are so many in the world that love you, my dear World Prince

  3. Awwww…..I am tearing up reading this touching messages and generous act of love from Arab fans.

    I am sooo proud and feel so happy for Arab eels!!! Your action is NOT small by any means. Your action make many people happy and warm in the hearts. Your action is very generous and appreciative!!! Thank you, thanks for supporting our star!! Jang Keun Suk is really very special and talented STAR, worthy of love and support from eels.

    Trough receiving so many loves and supports from eels all over the world, I hope Jang Keun Suk will have more energy to work and continue on, even when his Drama is not appreciative by his own people.

    Keun Suk-ahh, please don’t feel bad your drama is not doing well in your country. You see, the world is loving you, watching you, cheering you on..!!!!! ZikZin!!!!

  4. wow!!! i am truly in awe with all the love eels send to out to our prince in all kinds of ways! it’s simply amazing! i hope we all stay strong supporting him all the way wherever he leads us. zikzin!! ❤

  5. oppa!!dont worry…there are still millions who truly love you..
    jks oppa!!il be by your side and love you forever…luff you..muuaah..

  6. Yes don’t worry about the people who do not recognize you because you are loved by so many people around the world and that is a big thing! I truly love what you do and have watched almost all of your dramas and movies. Your are great at what you do and I know you will do more in the future. Keep your head up and smile always you are beautiful inside and out!!! You put a smile on my face everyday keep up the good work!


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