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Jang Geun Suk shared how impressed he was by the acting skills of his ‘Pretty Man’ co-star IU.

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Jang Geun Suk recalled his fanboy moment when he first met IU on set as he shared, “When I met IU for the first time at the poster shoot and she hugged me as Kim Bo Tong, I screamed loud enough so the whole set could hear. Wow! IU hugged me!”
“This is my first time acting with actresses around IU’s age. The amazing thing is that if I look at IU, I am drawn to her charms. She looks like she was even born [to act] or practiced till death.”
When asked to tell viewers why they should watch ‘Pretty Man’ in the voice of his character Dok Go Ma Te, he jokingly replied, “Because I’m on it… ‘Pretty Man’ has both fun moments and romance but it will be a drama which helps you to reflect on yourself. If it becomes a valuable time of reflection for viewers as they watch Dok Go Ma Te’s wisdom gained through meeting 10 women, I will be more than happy.”

‘Pretty Man’ premiered on Wednesday at 10 PM KST.

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  1. hahaha..cute Sukkie..he can be such a fanboy himself…even he get to meet these people more often we do..
    Remember him with Yoona and her girls…but also his big favorite Hyde from his best love rock band L’arc en Ciel…

  2. omg how sweet . but on the other hand i just saw the rating for the first ep and it was a low 5% only πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ i’m so sad and angry i just cant handle it >_< ?!! i mean i new the rating was not going to be great but this is too much for my poor prince πŸ™ i mean stupid korean ??!! what do you want him to more ?!! give him a f*ing chance ??!!!

  3. if he change him self for some one that means he really loves him πŸ™‚ , you can see that he really likes her , but i don’t think she is a great actress either but she is really good though πŸ˜‰ ,i think he is trying to break the iu with iu a bit πŸ™‚

    • Well I don’t see anything like he is into her charms or whatever LOL. He’s definitely more comfortable with HCY though he didn’t talk much about her at presscon as the questions were nit asked abt her .
      And stop saying things like fanboy and all lol are u a IU fan cuz u sound like one. I don’t want to be delusional jus for the sake of it that they are our OTP . I’d b more than happy if they are jus colleagues , IU is a different kinda person than what her innocent looks speak.

      • Deepi
        who me an iu fan hahahahahaha no no no dear πŸ™‚ i didn’t know who the girl was until i heard she is going to act with jgs . i’m a loyal eel for the past four years and plz dont judge me b4 you know me . i only said that cuz i saw form jgs old videos that he said he liked iu and lee mi jung , so and now he is acting with her he seems happy ,but i have to say she is a great singer and i really loved her voice πŸ™‚

  4. I love prince Jang keun suk. he is the best man and artist. but gives me very angry when he tries to be good with her, but she keeps arrogant. I’ve seen her dramas, she’s bad acting. iu can only act “one typic” role of “cute, rare and funny girl” her typical role, repeating over and over again. iu is just overrated.

    people know the kind of sl_t Iu is. she can not act, only pretends to be good acting. hypocrite!

    here, some opinion about this article “Jang Geun Suk compliments IU on her acting”
    people says:

    1ΒΊ…and you haven’t seen her acting on the bed, ask Eunhyuk!

    2ΒΊ I’m sure she would like it if you visit her shirtless ^^

    all people who know about IU false.

    i’m sorry eels, but i hate hate more and more iu. she is dirtying his image.

  5. uhm… girls… ladies… I don’t really like to write this kind of comment all over again… but previously our blog admins also stated the same thing: please refrain yourself from bashing anybody here, even though you personally dislike the person.This article is a very positive one since it shows us that our Jang Keun Suk is working with a co-star whom he feels good about. Let’s just think about it that way, ok ;). And about the rating… it’s 6.3 % for the first episode, which I personally thought was okay. Ratings are not the biggest concern anymore for Suk, as he stated previously. So please calm down and keep supporting him and the drama, which means also trying to respect his co-star (s).

    • hi, excuse me.
      6.3%… is TNmS or AGB ratings?… nationwide or seoul?

      6.3%?..then this is very similar to the first episode of his last drama, love rain had 7.9% (TNmS) and 6.3% (AGB)… declaring it low rating.
      omg πŸ™ poor sukkie πŸ™ i’m so sad.

      please, … have you the complete article?

      because “top medical” did not have good ratings for several weeks, then only would stay compete with “the heirs”, I think “pretty man” only has an opponent that is “The heirs” therefore “pretty man” can win more audience. because “Top medical” will not increase rating, that’s definitive, Actor kwon sang woo recognized it. “secrets” have left high audience (between 19 to 20%) so that “pretty man” can have a great chance of winning all that audience.
      I do not understand why pretty man/Bel ami’s ratings so low πŸ™

      I will pray hard for pretty man/bel ami increase its rating.


      • It’s AGB Nationwide from this website: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=30901&cpage=7#comment-507925. Well, if low is defined as under two digits, then it is low. However, this was just its first episode and it’s somewhat unfair to compare it with “Heirs” which has reached its 13th episodes with relatively high ratings so far. “Secret” started off 5-ish % as well and improved its rating only after the 4th episode if I’m not mistaken and then continued to be on top. That’s why I said 6.3 % is quite okay, especially when you see “Medical Top Team” which got even only 5-ish % in its 13th episode. Don’t worry too much about ratings, it’s somehow a bit tricky. Let’s wait and see and continue supporting this drama πŸ™‚

    • thanks!

      i found it:

      ” …KBS 2TV’s ‘Pretty Man’, despite being the successor of ‘Secrets’, failed to capture many eyes, recording a lackluster 6.3% viewer rating on Wednesday, which dropped 0.2% to 6.1% on Thursday….”

      6.3% dropped 6.1% πŸ™

      the pretty man is a good drama, we all know that the heirs is not good drama, just is popular by lee min ho, krystal jung, kang min hyuk, park hyung sik and all rest famous celebrities as cameo: VIXX, BTOB and Kim heechul (Super junior), they save “the heirs” drama.

      i don’t understand why low ratings for pretty man, this is so fun and good drama.
      i do know that People said: “love rain was a good drama and even one of the best, but had low ratings because people and fans were jealous of this couple and their good chemistry, they also had many escenes romantics and kisses so real, and because the first episodes were so soft.”… I do understand it.

      …. but i don’t understand why still keep “pretty man” with low ratings…. :'(
      this is frustrating.

      I will not look the ratings, now I will only enjoy watching his new drama. I will always support all your projects.

      I am sure, your rating will increase at any time ^^.FIGHTING PRETTY MAN!.


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