[article] Jang Geun Suk Wants to Start Over as a Genuine Actor With “Beautiful Man”

Original Source: soompi
Actor Jang Geun Suk recently revealed a desire to reclaim his name of the actor “Jang Geun Suk” in Korea.

On November 18, at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Gangnam, KBS held a press conference for the new Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Beautiful Man.”

Here Jang Geun Suk said, “When I first received a proposal for the role, I saw the original comic, and thought it would be a fun and challenging piece to participate in. As I’ve become more popular around Asia, it’s gotten harder to choose pieces. While just doing concerts and performances out-of-the-country, I thought I might be forgotten in Korea, so I decided on ‘Beautiful Man.’”

Jang Geun Suk is playing the role of Dokko Ma Te, a man who has a face that can change history and considered a national treasure. Through his relations with 10 different successful women, he learns some important life lessons, and we see him develop into a truly “beautiful man.”

The actor said, “Many people think Dokko Ma Te’s character matches me perfectly, and I think so too. But, since I have to put on ten different characters meeting ten different women, the acting isn’t exactly easy. I’m not afraid of failure, though. But I’m not obsessed with the thought that I have to make the drama succeed, either. If I was, I’d have to stay holed up in my house all the time.”

The actor continued, saying that he wants to experience playing many different characters, and to solidify his position as a genuine actor. “I thought that through this drama, I could turn my cons into my pros. The Jang Geun Suk that people know in Japan and China is outspoken and outgoing, but the me in Korea, as far as I know, is seen as sometimes over-the-top.”

He explained further that he thought a lot about how he might be able to come across as outspoken and outgoing while not being over-the-top, and that he thought Dokgo Ma Te’s character might be able to help him achieve that. “They call me Geun-chan in Japan and Jang Geun Shu Eo in China. But in Korea, my name doesn’t really have a presence. Through ‘Beautiful Man,’ I want to start over as a genuine actor.”

“Beautiful Man” is set to air on November 20 at 10pm (KST).

11 thoughts on “[article] Jang Geun Suk Wants to Start Over as a Genuine Actor With “Beautiful Man””

  1. Awww…… I love him sooooo much!!!! Totally no words to describe how much I love this man! All I can say, he has my respect and gains my heart, forever!!!!!

    Reading his sincere open-heart speeches always makes my heart squeezing tightly with pain….and yet at the same time…I feel soooo much love and admiration of his real characters: sincere, sensitive, brave, strong and PROUD..!!!

    Love him more and more thru reading his articles. Jang Keun Suk is very well articulate and intelligent man, beside possessing a beautiful handsome face.

    Actor Jang Keun Suk, Please never give up, no matter what!! Please continues to make history and ZikZin to the world in your own styles and ways..!!

    • Yes Kailey…we can’t help but feel the pain for him because we know he is a geniune boy, man, son, singer, producer etc…and ACTOR…
      Nothing of the playing save and over the top acting or with frozen faces…
      He is not easily satisfied…
      He has so many faces and still open and ready to learn more..and for that we applaud him…one can only learn from failure or setbacks; he always evaluate his own work and presence..
      He doesn’t settle for 2 or 3 looks (generally…the surprised, sad.. frozen..more frozen and a voice to match LOL)

      Just when we think we know him he comes up with something else…there is no stand still, strolling or walking with this Beautiful child…
      Eels can only RUN….ZIKZIN all the way just like our eel prince…

      Only a few hours away…Too bad I’m at work but I hope to see something when I get back…and hopefully can concentrate on my work kkkk
      For eels who are able to watch directly….ENJOY….ZIKZIN…

  2. A national treasure, indeed. South Korea, please take a good care of him! He loves his country, that’s for sure. Zikzin, Prince! Eels are on your back, always!

  3. I love this article the way he expressed himself. I hope Korea will realize that JKS means well and he is just being himself. They should accept him for who he is which is outspoken and outgoing Sukkie. And what’s wrong with that!? All I know is I am behind you JKS. Zikzin!!! Keep up the great work keep smiling and always be happy! There are a lot of people in this world that care for you and support you!!!

  4. His feet is totally grounded. He doesn’t make alibis and excuses – he calls a spade spade, even when it hurts. I like that character of him.

  5. So straight forward as his real character, zikzin. However, he is very humble to his Korean audience. I just simply love him. Very positive thinking towards himself, never give up, and try his best as an actor, he is so professional. I hope the Korean audience will support this Korean son of them who is so admired internationally.

  6. Well spoken – Sukkie.
    Dont give up your dream, eels around the world will always support you.
    All the best for Beautiful Man – success is just across the horizon.
    Fighting !!!!

  7. I was heart broken and crying when I heard what he said (in Korea, my name doesn’t really have a presence!)in the press conference!
    I love and respect him so much! I’m sure one day all Korean will treasure a man called Jang Keun Suk! Jyo, Zikzin!


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