[weibo] Han Cae Young’s weibo_20131119

Co star of Jang Keun Suk from “Beautiful Man” post cheering message on weibo for the drama and Jang Keun Suk and during press conference she gave high evaluation to his work!!!

“piao liang nan ren” (Chinese Pinyin as “Beautiful Man”)press day!!! it was very long n tiring….. but had so much fun!!! @张根硕 (Jang Keun Suk) we expect this to be one of the best~~~ for all of us!!! jiayou jiayou!!!!! (Chinese cheering word, like: go go go!)

During “Beautiful Man” press conference, Han Cae Young said:”Jang Keun Suk is not like what I thought about him, during shooting he works very seriously. The atmosphere on shooting site was very harmony. His hard working really surprised me. He has great ability for focusing.

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  1. She pretty much said what we have known about AP for a long time.. that he is a professional when it comes to his work. LOL but he likes to play when he’s not working which I don’t blame him. So glad he’s recognized this way yet again.

  2. Sukkie fighting!!! All BM cast fighting!!! May your hard work pays in the most beautiful of ways. My heart goes to Jang keun suk who I know works very very hard for each and every drama he participates in. I pray for this drama to reach high. The plot looks really interesting. I can’t wait to watch!! Fighting fighting fighting!!! Gosh!!! I feel like I’m burning with a fever from all the excitement. My heart is beating so much.

    praying praying praying , love you sukkie!!

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    • I already posted…like it on FB and shared via G+
      What is there more to do?

      O…my heart is also beating so fast..
      I’m so hyper from what I already saw…
      OMO…I hope my poor heart can take it all…LOL

      and of course our Sukkie is very hardworking; all eels know…you don’t stay in this industry and stay in the top just by playing around..hahaha
      He is very talented, very hardworking and a responsible young man and Boss…very polite and courteous, well educated and well-bred by his loving parents.
      But it is always nice to hear from his own people they think highly of him…thanks

    • Hey, Cri-J. Thanx for posting the link… How do you ‘Like’ this page… I’ve already left a positive comment but don’t see Like button anywhere… I’m a blind? Hehehehehe

      Thank you 🙂

      • Hello Cri-J sorry for my ignorance.. kkkk
        but how to like it? i cannot also spot a like button. hehe. thank you

  4. HCy, thank you for acknowledging our hard working JKS!

    We already knew that he’s very serious with his work but it seems that others don’t know that yet 🙂


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