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Now dubbing in music on drama ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’. Jang Keun Suk and IU have a good chemistry. It’s so fun. Making music while watching, their acting made me laugh… ^^
드라마 예쁜남자 음악 더빙중.장근석 아이유 찰떡궁합.너무 잼나요.화면 보고 음악 만들면서도 두사람 연기에 킥킥킥…^^

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    • It’s Kim Hyung Seok, a South Korean composer. Wrote many songs and music for dramas such as ‘Shark’ and movies like ‘My Sassy Girl’.

      • Thank you…so he’s the one writing music for Bel Ami??
        I hope he will make unforgettable music for it then…
        Really hope Sukkie gets to sing in this drama too..

      • OMG…he’s the composer of “I believe”…one of my favorite korean songs…(it became after I heard Jerry Yan; my other idol sang it in one of his shows)…
        I hope he will write a song for Sukkie to sing…

  1. OMO! This drama gonna rocks the kdramaland. Dokgo mate just cannot stand kim bo tong. Haha. Great acting, sukkie. Pls… pls… pls.. Bel Ami don’t lose to Heirs. 3 more days to go.. dugeun dugeun while waiting..

  2. Just look at Mate’s facial expression lol…hmmm looks like a scene at the police station. Hoping for Suk and IU to sing a duet for Bel Ami OST~^^


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