[16.11.2013] Jang Keun Suk’s Weibo

I completely feel it!!!! Chinese eels. Thank you Cri!!
131116#张根硕微博翻译#完全感受到了!!!!中国鳗鱼们 thank you cri!!(翻译:颖)
@张根硕: 완전 느낌 제대로다!!!! 중국장어들아 땡큐크리!!
(Note: These are the pushcarts with Beautiful Man support poster on them. They are used in 3 supermarkets on No. 5 subway line stations. Lotte Store at Seoul Station, Homeplus Store at World Cup Stadium Station, Homeplus Store at Yeongdeungpo Station. This support project was done by Chinese fan club JKSLAND)

Also the beautiful bus!! Extremely touched!!
예쁜버스까지!!! 무한감동일세!!!

6 thoughts on “[16.11.2013] Jang Keun Suk’s Weibo”

  1. Yes..thanks for sharing..it’s a great time to be in Korea…so happy for our prince is touched and feels comforted as to make him keep Zikzin on….well done chinese eels…Xiexie nimen

  2. Even I’m an eel, I always amazed and touched by Chinese eels and Korean eels’s full support for Beautiful Man and love for Jang Keun Suk. My heart is proud being called EEL like them.

    I can’t wait to see International’s EELs’ Power at the Press-Conference for Beautiful Man, the whole conference room would be long parade of RICE Wreathes……..Wohoooo!!!!!

  3. reading article like this makes me cry for happiness. Sukkie is so lucky for having a supportive and loving fans. imagine, all eels are showing their love by giving him food during shooting, helping him in promoting BM and this afternoon, for sure he’ll be happy for the surprise that his eels are preparing for him. i’m so excited now for the press conference of BM this afternoon. i’m PRAYING for the success of this drama. JESUS, we count on you…….


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