[15.11.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS Twitter

Betrayer Mustlehead Goof BIG BROTHER
배신자 근육바보 멍청이 빅브라더

You abandon me??

너 나 버렸니??
BB: It’s you that abandoned me yesterday.
@AsiaPrince_JKS 너가 어제 날 버렸겠지

…Well, I didn’t buy side dishes but eggs… Anyway, as I had my hair cut, I can hear more than before..

저기 반찬이 아니고 계란산건데… 암튼 머리 자르니 소리가 잘들리네..

I have to hide myself (and hairdo) well..
숨어버려야겠어 꼭꼭..

10 thoughts on “[15.11.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS Twitter”

  1. Are they just joking or debating seriously? I thought Tree-J has signed contract with BB? Pls don’t disband. I love Team H music

  2. Hehehe.. I think they’re just joking around 🙂

    BTW, any idea on what did BB mean by saying: “It’s you that abandoned me yesterday.”. Did he mean JKS abandoned him because he’d cut his hair and doesn’t look like a part of Team H any more? Hehehehee


  3. Anyway, it’s clear that Sukkie must be BB’s best friend. Sukkie promoted BB’s solo music activities in his own way : )

  4. Haha… These two, scolding each other all the time :p. That’s just Suk’s way of promoting BB ;). No sweet words but we know he cares :p

  5. Whahahah….these two friends are sooo funny!!! Sukkie is being Sukkie here, a joker!! If you read a lot about Sukkie or followed him for long time, Sukkie is the BEST and supportive friend anyone would have. Here (the tweet), you would know right a way that he is joking and promoting BB’s album in Sukkie’s style!!!

    This verbal attack communications reminded me when they did the PICSTORM attacking each other…..soooo hilarious posts…and nobody wanted to lose to any body then…kkk. Of course our Prince would also has the last words, even he might lost…..LOLLLL

  6. Both are still Team H.., both have their own solo projects….just as before…..didn’t Sukkie mention that next year there will be 2 albums..solo and Team H… yeah
    I love this song.. BB is a great dj and composer..and he and sukkie are good friends too and can joke like that lol


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