[09.11.2013] Tree-J twitter

CRI-J delivered a catering service to ‘Beautiful Man’ shooting site. Thanks to that, all the staff are full now. Above all, Actor Jang is happy about it ^^ Thank you.
크리제이에서 예쁜남자 촬영장으로 밥차선물이 왔네용. 덕분에 스텝들 모두 배불리 잘 먹었습니다. 무엇보다 장배우가 좋아하는^^. 감사합니다.

Now the staff is full, actors are happy, and the atmosphere on the site is becoming up and up~!! Thank you cri~
스텝들도 배부르고 배우도 좋아하니 현장분위기가 업업~!! 땡큐크리~
tenshi_akuma’s note: The banner says, “Fill up bellies for Beautiful Man Dokgo Ma-te’s 100 staff members plus portions for 50 people – JKS official club Cri-J”

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  1. Cri-J takes good care of our prince and his co-workers…
    Is Ferrino also taking care of the BM cast and staff?..I see so many Ferrino bags behind our prince…heard it’s starting to get really cold in Korea

  2. This picture must be form before. He’s wearing the same clothes and has the hairstyle as when they were shooting that scene in the bus with IU 🙂

    Great job feeding everyone, Cri-J!!!

    • Jazzy, yes I think the clothes is the same in his first meeting scene in a bus. But maybe he still has to shoot the high school days scene. This pic was definitely taken on November 9th : )

      • Hey, Tenshi 🙂

        I’m not attacking nor doubting but I just wonder… How can you be 100% sure that the picture has been taken on Nov the 9th? It was posted on Nov 9th but it could’ve been taken before, no?

        Thanx 🙂

      • No. I can trust them ^^ Because CRI-J prepared catering service for all the staff. So Tree-J showed their thankfulness for them. And actually FERRINO bag behind him was prepared by CRI-J. I didn’t post the pic here because I don’t know the content. Here’s the photo link.
        It says.. ‘Working’ Maybe preparing for the catering service. It was tweeted on 9th.

  3. I wonder what they fed my Prince. In the front I saw healthy food: oranges, lettuces, and s’thing looked like taro. However, what were in the Prince’s dish seemed to be high carb doughnuts, yak!!! Would my Prince have his choice when he was at the shooting site?

    • Sudie…don’t think it was doughnut..It seems like a “normal” korean meal with a lot of banchan’s to me and there was also BBQ meat, hens the salade leafs etc…The Korean loves to eat there BBQ meat wrapped in lettuce leafs and other healthy condiments to go with it..Korean kitchen is a healthy one..thinking of it I want to eat…yummy. Thanks to Sukkie I’ve come to know the korean kitchen

      • Thanks a lot, Mamacri. I love Korean food too, but the photo was not clear. What actually is ‘banchan’? I have never tried it. I could not see any Korean condiments. That is why I thought they were doughnuts that I hate.

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banchan
      All small side dishes; very tasty.. and almost always soup (clear broth) accompanies the main meals
      But I’m sure Cri-J knows the favorite foods of our Sukkie.. hahaha

      I love a donut…once a while..krispy kreme or Dunkin donuts , but since they don’t have those brands in my country I only eat them when I’m abroad…like within 2 wks when I’m in London : D

      • Mamacri dear, so banchans are the condiments that I love, like kimchi, cured bean sprouts, pickles, etc. the only doughnut that I love is from Round Rock, Austin, Texas. My brother always carries two boxes when he comes to visit me. I do not like doughnuts, even Crispy Kreme. They are too sweet and not heathy at all. Three cheers to Korean and Asian food that make the Prince so slim. Sometimes, I feel like seeing that baby belly that was exposed during some concerts. Probably he got it from the beers.

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