[07.11.2013] Tree-J twitter

Plz submit an entry 4 a logo song of JKS’s Zikzin Radio show!! Why don’t u send your logo song to treej1987@naver.com, NOW!!

[Jang Keun Suk’s ZIKZIN Radio] We’re asking for the logo song of ZIKZIN Radio made with fans. We’re looking for many joining this event. tree1987@naver.com #장근석 #jks_zikzin_radio
[장근석의 ZIKZIN Radio] 팬들과 함께 만들어가는 ZIKZIN Radio 에서 팬 여러분의 로고송을 모집합니다.많은 참여부탁드립니다. tree1987@naver.com #장근석 #jks_zikzin_radio

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  1. I’m sorry for being dummy… again… But I have friends, who are willing to participate and don’t know what exactly one has to do? What are they expacting specifically? English is not our mother tongue, neither TreeJ staff’s actually, so… There is always a bit of cofusement. Do we have to offer a logosong? Do we have to play a song of our own? Do we have to apply and they will provide some stuff for performing? Aaaah

    • Did you send your question to Tree-J “treej1987@naver.com”? I’m sorry but I can’t answer any… The only thing I can say is keep Zikzin! Don’t afraid to ask them about your worries ^^

      • I see, Tenshi… I thought, maybe we just misunderstood the message itself, but seems no one is able to say exactly what they meant ;( Ok, we’ll try to find out! Thanks for your support and feedback!!! 🙂

    • I imagen prince wants his eels to participate in making a catchy tune for his ZIKZIN radio…
      When you hear the tune you know it’s ZIKZIN radio…
      If you are talented in making tunes and composing you might give it a try…maybe he’ll use yours…

      • Well… I have a friend, who is a singer, and she wants to sing for the logosong, she wrote a message on the very first day announced, but no reply ;(

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